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SOS! Mayday!

I realized, of course after making my blue skirt, that there is color fading where the fabric was folded. Why not before making??? I skipped some steps in the cutting process and did not press fabric before working with it---there is a lesson here, folks.

Anywho-it is noticeable and perhaps more so to me than others, still it exists. Is there something that I can do to help try to restore the color in that area? I really like the skirt and want to salvage it. I thought about adding embroidery design to help conceal it, but it is right up the center.

Your thoughts and feedback are greatly appreciated.

Another sewing idea.

I purchased this fabric some months ago from WalMart. It is similar to a lightweight linen fabric. It was marked polyester. I had originally planned to make a dress from it. But it is so lightweight that I am now leaning toward a blouse or two. I have three yards of this. The price was great so I bought the remaining fabric on the bolt-3 yards. It goes great with the blue fabric used in the high waisted blue skirt.

Another fabric purchase

I needed another fabric to make a top for the print skirt. The pale yellow fabric is rather thick/heavy and I had always planned to make a jacket or overblouse from it to go with the skirt. So I purchased the soft aqua fabric from JoAnn's on Saturday. It was labeled Baby Silk. It feels good to the touch and I am considering making a pull over top from a Simplicity pattern I recently purchased.

Another McCall's skirt

I started on the other McCall's skirt that I recently cut out. I am pleased with the fit. I added one inch seams but found I did not need them. I still need to hem the skirt, add buttons to attach tabs to skirt and sew on a hook and eye for waist closure.


Recently I was asked for some assistance on how to hem the flounce on this McCall's skirt. I just completed this skirt; so as I was progressing through the hemming process, I took some photos of what I did. I put together this little slideshow, thinking there might be some others who may find it helpful.

Sewing on my mind

I am almost finished with the skirt. I attached the facings last night. All that is left to do is hem the skirt. I am racking my brain trying to determine what kind of blouse/top to make to go with this skirt. I have the fabric; I just can't make the final decision.

I have another skirt cut out and that will or should be a piece of cake to sew up.

My Vogue patterns came today!!!

Upper-lower back-2nd view

Upper-lower back-2nd view
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl I like the way the intersecting lower/upper and side back pieces look. Especially with the nice piping corners where the side seams intersect.
I interupted my sleep early this morning working out how this was going to look!!! Actually turned out better than I thought it would.

Lower and upper back attached

Lower and upper back attached
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl The lower and upper back pieces attached to the side back pieces.

leftover piping

leftover piping
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl This is all I had left of the piping.

Lower bottom View A

Lower bottom View A
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl This is the lower back piece for View A. I pressed the center seam over a pressing ham as the piece is somewhat curved and this helps it curve nicely.

Skirt upper back piping at lower edge

Skirt upper back piping at lower edge
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl I added piping to the bottom edge of the upper back piece. I decided that this was a design idea I needed to incorporate. I felt it would be a design feature and not a "I ran out of piping look". Of course, anyone reading this now knows "the rest of the story".

Skirt upper back piping

Skirt upper back piping
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl This is the upper back piece cut on the fold. I attached piping to this seam. This is when I realized I would not have enough piping to add the the lower back piece.


Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl Here is what I have been working on this weekend. This is the skirt front. I decided to add piping to the front seams of this skirt. I had the perfect matching piping to use.

This is piping I purchased from Wal Mart super store about a year ago when they decided to eliminate their fabric department. I wish I had purchased two or three packs of the various piping packs that I purchased.

Response to recent comments

Gwen asked what I meant by "EOS fabric". That is my short hand for Emma One Sock. An online fabric store out of Pennsylvania, owned and operated by Linda Podietz. (I apologize to Linda as I may have spelled her last name incorrectly.) She offers a very nice range of fabrics and customer services is superb.
Miss Linda enquired about what patterns I ordered from Vogue this AM. Here you go All photos above courtesy of Vogue Patterns website. On Wednesday I took advantage of another Club BMV offering and ordered these McCall's patterns:

All photos courtesy of McCall's Patterns website.

Another email

Before getting dressed for work, I like to fix a cup of coffee and read emails. This morning Club BMV announced a sale. Yes-I whipped out that credit card and order 5 Vogue patterns! I could have bought more but I contained my urge to purchase those patterns that I knew would get some immediate attention.

I knew that I would buy when a sale offer was made; I just did not think it would be this quick.

Another skirt cut out

I meant to post that I was able to cut out the other McCall's skirt pattern. I ended up though using another piece of fabric that I was in my stash. It is a fabric that I am trying to recall when and where I purchased it. It is a blue color; not navy nor a royal blue. I need to check my Pantone colors.

I also have this nice fabric that I acquired from Wal-Mart that is a polyester, flux linen. I had thought about making a dress from it but now I am leaning toward a blouse to go with the blue skirt. The fabric is a floral print. One of the flowers is the exact blue of the skirt. Actually the blue fabric was going to be a jacket and was to be worn with the floral print. I think I have enough of the blue to make a jacket still.

I am now wanting to trace and cut out a BWOF skirt pattern from January '09 issue. I like the skirt when I saw it in the magazine and just read a nice review of the skirt on PR and on the person's blog. I want to make that skirt up in the EOS…

Vogue Patterns Email

The other day I wrote about receiving the Vogue Patterns Magazine. This AM I got an email from Vogue tauting the new fall patterns. Even though I am not ready for fall, I truly think that Vogue has got some great fall patterns and look forward to acquiring a few in the near future.

It has got me thinking about my fall wardrobe; yet I still have a few more summer items to sew.

Pin Fitting Complete

I was able to pin fit both McCall's skirt patterns. I was able to cut out this one.I really like all of the skirt's back views but decided to go with View A. I used this fabric .

I fell in love with these print skirts that were in Lucky Magazine. Carolyn and Marji both made print skirts recently with these skirts being their inspiration.
My second McCall's pattern is ready for me to move forward with cutting out the fabric. I had to take care of several chores this afternoon. For dinner I planned to grill chicken breasts so my time was taken up with cooking. I plan to work on cutting out the other skirt during the upcoming week.

Next up-Skirts

I completed the Butterick dress. All I needed to do was hem it which I did this evening after returning from Danville and visiting MIL. I used my coverstitch machine. I used a tip from Linda T, I used vanishing thread in my bobbin and then basted the hem of the dress in place with right side of dress toward bobbin. The bobbin thread was then the guide for sewing the coverstitch hem on the dress. This worked great-thank you Linda T for this most helpful tip! I then took my water dauber bottle and wet the vanishing thread and viola! it was washed away.

Tomorrow, I will pin fit two McCall's skirt patterns and then cut out both skirts. I will definitely use the fabric I recently acquired from Les Fabrique for this one. I am anticipating using the fabric from EOS for the other one; this is the black and fuschia on cream background fabric. I also have some other fabric in mind, one that has been in my fabric stash for sometime.

So many ideas and limited time.

Vogue Patterns Magazine

I got my Vogue Patterns Magazine earlier this week. The focus is on fall clothing. I am just not ready for fall! I also got a new Nordstroms' catalog yesterday and the focus is on fall. I got my Vogue Fabric Swatch packet also and the fabrics are for seasonal transition. Perhaps there is a hint that we should be starting our fall sewing.

As usual I have not tackled all the summer sewing yet and will continue to move forward on a few more summer sewing projects. Next up is skirts and blouse/tops.

My second sewing project-completed!

Below are some photos of Butterick 5278. This was a bear of a project and was due mainly to "Operator Error" and not the pattern nor the fabric. I just failed to do some things when cutting out the pattern after making some pattern adjustments. For example I did not do a forward shoulder adjustment with the neckline pieces but did on a portion of the sleeves. I had to compensate for this by restitching the shoulder seams on these pieces.

Another issue was the FBA I completed. This of course increased the width and length of the bodice; that was necessary. The FBA required an adjustment to the center front piece which I made. What I did not do is adjust or correct the placement dot on the front bodice piece so that the ties would be placed differently at center front. This creates a situation with tying the ties that I notice right off but I think that others when seeing it will not notice as I do. Because of the way I attached the lining/facing center piece enclosing the fro…

McCall's 5752

Here are some not so glamorous photos of me wearing the completed dress. The ruching does not show up so well with all of these creme circles. Just so you know, my hair is pulled back in a pony tail and I have my bluetooth stuck in my ear. After posing for these shots, I decided to take up the waist line about 1/2 inch more. I also need to stitch down the crossover area as it pulls apart easily when wearing.


Vacation and sewing

I am taking a vacation day today so my long holiday weekend continues. I am making progress on my Butterick dress. I am about ready to go to sewing room and resume sewing. I always like to drink coffee and catch up on emails/blogs/Flickr photos and Pattern Review. I am limiting my time however as staying at the computer definitely eats up the sewing time.

I plan to take photos of the McCall's dress today and will post photos here. I want to write a review for PR as well.

More later.

Mastering the coverhem machine

I wanted to share photos of the coverstitch hem on the McCall's dress. I still need to practice, practice, practice. I was able to eliminate the tunneling issue I have been experiencing. Here are close up shots:
I needed to adjust the lower looper tension as well as the tension on the presser foot This is the underside of the stitch. I still have issues of keeping the stitching along the edge of the turned under hem. This is the practice/practice part.

Starting new project-Gremlins or Bad Karma This is a link to a post by Karen at "Sewing by the Seat of my Pants" blog. I happened to read it yesterday. As I said to Karen when those projects happen, I think I may decide to quit sewing garments and take up sewing quilts. Thank goodness I don't.

Last night I completed the McCall's dress and I began getting ready to start the Butterick dress that is next up. I threaded the sewing machine, serger and coverstitch machines. I then cut out interfacing and fused to garment pattern pieces.

This afternoon I started on the dress. The first step was to turn under 5/8 seam allowances along the edge of the ties for the dress bodice and then stitch them down. This was rather fiddly, but got it completed. I then stitched those to the front bodice. The next step was to sew the center front piece to the two front bodice pieces. There are two of these pieces and one serves as a…

McCall's Dress complete

The brown and creme knit dress is complete. I will post photos of the completed dress later. I am pleased with the outcome of the dress.

I have a question to ask about how you store or hang knit dresses. Some of the knit dresses I make are from slinky knit and I learned over the years that slinky can grow, so for slinky knit tops I fold and store in a drawer. For dresses I fold them over and use a pant hanger from the cleaners where the dress is folded over the cardboard covering at the waist. I have some other knits like buttermilk knit that I hang like woven dresses or tops.

Other knits are not slinky or buttermilk and are rather stretchy. I use seam binding or fusible bias tape to secure the shoulder seams to help keep them from stretching too much.

So I am curious how you store or hang your knit dresses that have a tendency to stretch?

A quick note!

It is Friday and I am on holiday!!!!!!!!

I spent time last night setting up coverstitch machine to hem my dress and to get the settings right so the hemming will not have tunneling. I am still learning this machine. I really do like it. Hems are pinned in place for sleeves and skirt hem so will finish that up today and it will be complete.

I then need to rethread serger and sewing machine to start on the Butterick dress. I also plan to take time to cut out two skirt patterns this long weekend so I can get going on two skirts I want to make. One is TNT and the other is one I have been wanting to make for some time now.

Off to fix my coffee and catch up on reading blogs.

Rambling thoughts!

Tomorrow will be my Friday! Yeah. This has been a heck of a week. We have been moving our offices as our building project is 2/3 complete. I moved into another office this week and it has been just a tad crazy. My office set up is complete and today seemed more like a real work day.
I have not had any time to complete my dress. Really not much more to do and when that is the case, I can't seem to get or to make the time to complete the task.
I have had some great inspiration reviewing blogs during lunch time browsing. I saw this great looking dress the other day in the window of a local shop and of course my first thought was I can make that!
Below is one of the two KS patterns I purchased while in Richmond. The teal top is similar to a knit top I saw in Talbot's. I think I will make a couple of these to wear with skirts and pants. I even have some knit similar to the teal color of this top.


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