Rambling thoughts!

Tomorrow will be my Friday! Yeah. This has been a heck of a week. We have been moving our offices as our building project is 2/3 complete. I moved into another office this week and it has been just a tad crazy. My office set up is complete and today seemed more like a real work day.

I have not had any time to complete my dress. Really not much more to do and when that is the case, I can't seem to get or to make the time to complete the task.

I have had some great inspiration reviewing blogs during lunch time browsing. I saw this great looking dress the other day in the window of a local shop and of course my first thought was I can make that!

Below is one of the two KS patterns I purchased while in Richmond. The teal top is similar to a knit top I saw in Talbot's. I think I will make a couple of these to wear with skirts and pants. I even have some knit similar to the teal color of this top.


  1. You have a long weekend coming up. Maybe you can finish your dress?


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