New Look 6314 and new sewing tools

I am working on sewing New Look 6314.

This was a project that turned into a wadder. Due mostly to the knit fabric that was just not right for this pattern.  I ordered a distressed knit to use for this project. 
The fabric has been washed and is ready when I can get all the fitting adjustments to the pattern completed.  With the first project, I made forward shoulder adjustments as well as a narrow shoulder adjustment to front and back.  I did not make an FBA for the first project and after trying on the pattern again, I decided I did need 1 1/2 inch adjustment.  Also, I made a 5/8 swayback adjustment.
After making the FBA I realized that the bust dart had to be lowered by an inch. After trying the pattern on with these adjustments I decided that I need to adjust the neckline; currently, it is too wide and low.
Here's the pattern as adjusted without neckline adjustment.

Yesterday was my birthday-69 years young!!!  I decided to buy myself a gift and purchased from Stylemaker two not…

First Project Completed 2020

I just completed my first project for 2020, another Cape Cod Caplet.  My last project for 2019 was the same pattern.  This is a first for me in making the same pattern twice in a row.  I have sewn patterns two or three times just not back to back.

I love the color of this Hacci Sweater Knit from  I had to get the pictures taken so I went with the Saturday relaxed look. I cropped off my head in a couple of projects as with my light hair and complexion I felt I looked bald!  I knew tomorrow I would not have the time to take photos and wanted to get this documented. So here's the second version.

I used my serger for sewing this as I did with the last one.  The only time you have to use the sewing machine is to enclose the sleeve area to make it a caplet.  I used my cover stitch machine to hem it and again I applied bias fusible tape to help give it a little more stability.  
I had a mix of green/gold/yellow serger threads, but not enough of the green to use just green to s…

Last Fabric Purchase 2019

First Happy New Year!!!!
I will not be posting a 2019 garments.  I just did not sew that much!! I plan to sew much more in 2020 and have some plans to actually put in writing to keep me focussed.

This was my last two fabric purchases for 2019

The top fabric is a variegated olive green sweater knit from  It feels like a medium weight sweater knit.  I plan to use this one as my next Cape Cod Capelet.  Our weather has fluctuated from cool to cold weekly.  Today was one of those days that the capelet would work well.  Tomorrow I need a heavier coat.
The bottom fabric is a distressed knit, a fabric I had been searching for for a long time. This was my very last purchase and it came from Miley Fabrics.  This will become the short sweatshirt from the New Look pattern I previously posted about.
I am getting ready to put them in the washer to prepare for cutting and sewing. I made only 7 fabric purchases this year, a record low for me.  Trust me I still have more fabric in the stas…

Last project for 2019

I completed the Itch to Stitch Cape Cod Capelet and had some time yesterday to take a few pics.

I really like this pattern. The most time spent was printing, taping and tracing the pattern, and hemming it. I used small at neckline, medium from bust to waist and large from the waist to bottom.  In the end, the medium was used from waist to bottom.

My dislike is not the pattern but the knit fabric used. I intentionally used this knit as this was a test run. I think this is a bamboo knit as I cannot find details about this knit in my sewing related documents. I do remember washing it twice and then put aside.

It is a fiddly knit and the dye kept coming off on my hands the more I sewed. It worked okay for this test run and perhaps I may wear it around the house when temperatures are in the 30's and 40's.

Here are the pics I took.  Not the best poses but was in a hurry to document this. I have already selected my next fabric to sew this.  I had every intention of sewing that this w…

Sewing Update

I am just about finished with the Cape Cod Capelet. I need to attach the collar, hem and sew. I thought I would have this done before now.  This week has been several doctor appointments for my DH and I sat in on them both.

Today we are venturing out to do some shopping-the traffic has been horrible this week and due in part to so many people shopping and kids getting out of school. I am determined to finish this capelet tomorrow.

I read reviews on PR yesterday and a new to me fabric store was mentioned. So my inquiry mind had to go check it out. It is Mily Mae Fabrics; some of you may already know about this store.

I think I mentioned in my previous post about wanting to find distressed knit that was not white.  Well, they have several colors of distressed knit. I ordered Menthol and got a notice that it was shipped, probably will not get it until after Christmas and that is okay with me. My plan is to sew the
New Look pattern short version sweatshirt.

My sewjo is returning still at …

I'm back!

Obviously, I have been missing in action! My sewing mojo has been sporadic and pretty much non-existent of late. I was motivated to sew some for the Class Reunion.

After returning from a great event, both DH and I came down with the crud and we still have a lingering, annoying cough still.  Earlier this week I cut out a pattern I have been wanting to sew for some time.

It is currently OOP and I purchased it on eBay. I fell in love with this pattern and particularly the red version above. I saw this on Dressmaking Debacles. I also fell in love with her distressed knit but now I can't find any.
I used a black bamboo knit that I purchased a long time ago and cannot find the details of it.  Normally I take a photo with who, when purchased.  I have several yards of it.  Unfortunately, the fabric was not the best choice for this pattern and the knit does not have a good recovery after stretching.  So this is now a wadder.
I have decided to sew the Itch to Stitch Cape Cod Capelet and I a…

Sewing wadder

I saw this pattern

 reviewed on PR and fell in love with it!  I had a blue and white striped fabric that I thought would work perfectly! It was one that had been in my stash since 2013.

As I began the process of making adjustments to the pattern and began the layout, I realized that my stripes should have been vertical so the stretch would work with the bodice part.  Instead, mine was horizontal which made the yoke drape way to much and the bodice did not have enough stretch for the fabric to fall as I wanted.  I added to the side seams to allow for this but it just didn't work.

I am down to the wire on sewing for the 50-year reunion so this is now a wadder.

I will give this pattern another try later as I do have a vertical striped fabric that may work.  I have a couple of tops purchased as well as made previously that will work for this event. The big challenge is will the weather be cooler there than here.  The weather app I rely on seems to indicate such until I looked at it th…


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