B6687 Wearing

Yesterday, late afternoon, DH and I had to pick up a few food items as well as prescriptions. After returning, I decided to take shots of me wearing the newly completed top.

In an earlier post, I mentioned having some fitting issues. After completing and taking these photos, I feel there are other adjustments I could make should I ever attempt to make this again. I am not thrilled about this top.

This is, of course, the front. I like the look of this and the look of the sleeves in this photo.
This is a semi-side view. The top is pulling at the hip area so this is part of the diagonal lines I see. I had a lot of issues Inserting the sleeves was an issue also. Perhaps there is still a need for bust adjustment.

This is a look of the sleeves from the front. I like the sleeves and was part of the reason for trying this top. 
Now for the back! I posted previously with the top on a hanger that the odd wings with the sleeves were caused by the hanger, NOT.  They are that way while wearing als…

B6687 Finally completed

This project is finally completed!!

This has been a stop and go sew for this top. I had several fitting adjustments to make this fit better. I lost my sewjo along the way and my concern over the COVID 19 situation became overly consuming.

I finally started saying the Serenity Prayer over and over--
    God help me to accept the things I cannot change
    The courage to change the things I can
     And the wisdom to know the difference.

So I know the things I need to do to try to be virus-free and sewing helps me de-stress so got in the sewing room this morning and finished this top!

I took some shots of the top hanging.  It still needs some pressing.  I will wear it later for better photos and a review.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope all of you are doing well. More details soon.

Update on B6687 project

I wanted to update you for the B6687 project.  I have been working on the project off and on. I had fitting issues with this top. I was going back and forth to fix the fit. The pattern runs large and I had to make adjustments to the shoulder width and to make an FBA of 1 1/2 inches. I also had problems aligning both darts on the front piece. Most of this issue was the slippery fabric and poor marking on my part.

When I sew darts, I normally baste them when sewing a new pattern. After basting darts and sides/shoulders I had to make several adjustments. I ended up sewing a 3/4 inch shoulder seam, even after I had made a 3/8 inch horizontal tuck in the upper front and back pieces.

As noted above, the markings were off and fixed that issue. I also sewed a 3/4 inch seam on the back piece from waist up. With making these changes I have now moved on to attaching the bias tape to neckline and working on the two-piece sleeves.

The sleeves are the ones the model is wearing on the pattern envelo…

Up next

Moving on to my next projects.

I purchased this pattern, Butterick 6687 in 2019. I was drawn to the top the model is wearing and also like two other versions. The fabric I am using has been in my stash since 2016.

I purchased this when Fabric Mart had precut fabrics plus a pattern to go with it as a bundle.  I never made the dress pattern that came with it even though I had good intentions.  It was a McCall's pattern which I no longer have. This is 100% polyester so when it gets to be really hot, I doubt I will wear much especially with long sleeves.  I decided also that the next project would be a woven fabric and this was already in my sewing room.
I also have decided that once this is complete, I will tackle a pair of casual pants. I am going to use Simplicity 8389. I plan to sew View D, the orange pants. I am uncertain of the fabric I will use. They need to be somewhat drapey. I had thought about using the fabric above at first and knew that I would not be comfortable wearing …

Let me count the adjustments!

I finally finished the New Look 6314 top! I wore it yesterday. I liked the way the fabric felt and was comfortable to wear.  If you read my previous post(s) about this pattern then you know I made many fitting adjustments after making my test of this pattern.

So let's get started:

5/8 inches for a high round back adjustment Swayback adjustment of 5/8 inchesForward shoulder adjustment of 5/8 inchesFull bust adjustment of 1.5 inchesAdded 7/8 inches to front and back neckline. It was too wide for my comfort and aging necklineShortened the shoulder at sleeve line by 5/8 inches Took 3/8 inch tuck through the upper chest and back, to reduce length between underarms.Lowered dart by 7/8 All of this was made after pattern fitting and before cutting out the fabric. I thought about eliminating the resulting dart when making the FBA; I didn't until after sewing the dart.

The bust dart ended up being too low after sewing shoulder seams and basting the dart and side seams. I started to adjus…

New Look 6314 and new sewing tools

I am working on sewing New Look 6314.

This was a project that turned into a wadder. Due mostly to the knit fabric that was just not right for this pattern.  I ordered a distressed knit to use for this project. 
The fabric has been washed and is ready when I can get all the fitting adjustments to the pattern completed.  With the first project, I made forward shoulder adjustments as well as a narrow shoulder adjustment to front and back.  I did not make an FBA for the first project and after trying on the pattern again, I decided I did need 1 1/2 inch adjustment.  Also, I made a 5/8 swayback adjustment.
After making the FBA I realized that the bust dart had to be lowered by an inch. After trying the pattern on with these adjustments I decided that I need to adjust the neckline; currently, it is too wide and low.
Here's the pattern as adjusted without neckline adjustment.

Yesterday was my birthday-69 years young!!!  I decided to buy myself a gift and purchased from Stylemaker two not…

First Project Completed 2020

I just completed my first project for 2020, another Cape Cod Caplet.  My last project for 2019 was the same pattern.  This is a first for me in making the same pattern twice in a row.  I have sewn patterns two or three times just not back to back.

I love the color of this Hacci Sweater Knit from  I had to get the pictures taken so I went with the Saturday relaxed look. I cropped off my head in a couple of projects as with my light hair and complexion I felt I looked bald!  I knew tomorrow I would not have the time to take photos and wanted to get this documented. So here's the second version.

I used my serger for sewing this as I did with the last one.  The only time you have to use the sewing machine is to enclose the sleeve area to make it a caplet.  I used my cover stitch machine to hem it and again I applied bias fusible tape to help give it a little more stability.  
I had a mix of green/gold/yellow serger threads, but not enough of the green to use just green to s…


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