Sewing wadder

I saw this pattern

 reviewed on PR and fell in love with it!  I had a blue and white striped fabric that I thought would work perfectly! It was one that had been in my stash since 2013.

As I began the process of making adjustments to the pattern and began the layout, I realized that my stripes should have been vertical so the stretch would work with the bodice part.  Instead, mine was horizontal which made the yoke drape way to much and the bodice did not have enough stretch for the fabric to fall as I wanted.  I added to the side seams to allow for this but it just didn't work.

I am down to the wire on sewing for the 50-year reunion so this is now a wadder.

I will give this pattern another try later as I do have a vertical striped fabric that may work.  I have a couple of tops purchased as well as made previously that will work for this event. The big challenge is will the weather be cooler there than here.  The weather app I rely on seems to indicate such until I looked at it th…

Butterick 6628 Complete

I finally completed the top. I was able to take some photos of the finished garment hanging. I hope to take some pictures of me wearing it soon. Depending on the weather I hope to wear it during the class reunion weekend. At the previous reunion the weather was still very warm. We just had a dip in the temperatures here over the past couple of days and whether that will last into the following weeks is unclear. As much as I love summer, this past summer was brutally hot!

Another person who made this top told me that she found the bust to run small. As a result, I decided to go with a larger bust size than I normally wear. I did not want to make an FBA because the front was two pieces and more time-consuming. I hoped that the larger size would work and it did.

Here are photos of the completed top.

I ran into a few sewing glitches with this top. Mainly because of how I cut out several sizes from the bust to waist to hip. As a result, I believe the front is a tad longer than the back whic…

Deja Vu and this and that

September is one of the months that I have a love/hate relationship.  As a kid, I was always excited to go back to school and see more of my friends; plus I really liked school.  Now it is September Sewing Month and yes I did, I purchased two new patterns as well as some fabric from EOS.

The hate relationship as it marks the end of summer which is one of my favorite seasons. And now deja vu all over again with hurricane season.  Last year we got hit by Florence doing a lot of damage along the NC Coastline and we are a little more inland so not much damage.  Now we have Dorian which has meandered all over the place.  Last night it was back to Cat 3 and was hitting SC this AM.  I think (for now) it is downgraded to Cat 2 and still hugging the coastlines for SC and NC.

With the knowledge we gained last year we are much more prepared in case Dorian decides to come more inland.  Who knows??? We have a new NOAA radio that gives off warnings and from 7:30 AM to about 10:30 we were getting to…

M7904-The shirt that is a shirt now!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know the struggles I had with M7904 as posted here and here.  I finally got the snaps and affixed them to the shirt.

I took today as an opportunity to wear the shirt and took a few photos of me wearing this before I walked out the door. Today was not a good hair day, it was very muggy and my hair went limp before I left the house. I really needed to brighten up the makeup as my hair and pale skin with a shirt with light beige as the dominant color made me looked rather washed out.

Here is the back view which really shows more of the paisley/geometric design as well as the green in the fabric. The left side I used the design horizontally.
The right side of the design was placed vertically.
Here is a close up of the snaps I used, I had to order new ones so that I could complete the project.  I think they worked nicely with the fabric.  You may notice that I fastened the shirt with the left front over the right front which is not the norm for w…

Current project

I am putting aside the G&G pattern as the drafting seems off to me.  The asymmetrical neckline pieces did not align when taping pieces together.  I was able to align it by drawing new lines.

As most of you know I do the pin fitting method for almost all of my patterns. Attempting this with this pattern was an eye-opener.  The bottom of the armhole was way too high after pinning the shoulders. I normally sew size 14-16 with the Big 4 and even most indie patterns.  I need to revaluate the drafting of this pattern as perhaps I need a size or two larger than this for this pattern line.

I decided to sew some paper patterns and will now work on Simplicity 8889

I just cut around the top pattern pieces and will pin fit them next. After reading a few reviews on PR, I will most likely lengthen the front as I want it to cover more of my abdomen. I will adjust the back as well to keep the high/low look.
The McCall's top is complete and once I press it I will take some pictures of me weari…

Projects Planned

Good news! My order from SnapSource arrived and the new snaps match those I had attached to the shirt.  My top will finally be finished!😀 I hope to take photos of the finished product later today.

Next up-I have two projects I plan to work on.

One is knit top using a pattern from George and Ginger.  I have not sewn any patterns from this company previously.  I hope to have good success with them.  The pattern I will be using is the Rave Shirt Set.

I plan to make the asymmetrical neckline.  
The fabric is a light blue lightweight sweater knit I purchased from Hobby Lobby. I think I purchased this earlier this year.

For the other project, I will be using this cotton fabric from a local quilt shop. 
I will be using the top from this Mimi G Simplicity pattern.

Thanks for stopping by.

The Shirt that almost wasn't or the pattern from hell Part 2

SEWING AND ISSUES PART 2 The next step was to insert the sleeves.  I was truly proud that I was able to cut the sleeves with matching design borders.  The first sleeve went in okay with one slight pucker and I removed some stitches and easily fixed.
The second sleeve gave me heartburn.  I could not insert that sleeve without getting puckers at the shoulder area. I cut the sleeves separately to make sure the border matched for each sleeve.  Perhaps the second sleeve was a little off. I placed the pattern on top of this and found it was cut correctly.  I removed the stitching and resewed the basting stitches to be able to create ease for the sleeve.  I then inserted again and sewed. I ended up catching some sleeve fabric in the same area thus creating another issue.  I had to remove those stitches to release some of the sleeve fabric that was not supposed to be there. In doing so, I ended up removing some of the basting creating yet another issue for appropriate insertion.  Restitched b…


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