Thursday, June 10, 2021

Next Project, New Fabric and UFO complete

 I am working on making Simplicity 9273. I purchased this pattern when Hobby Lobby was having a sale.

I had planned on using a black crepe knit purchased from Fabric Mart with a red knit with black dots. However, after considering this match-up, I decided that the red fabric was too heavy to use with the lighter weight black fabric.  So I pulled out a black and white striped fabric from my stash that I purchased from Fabric Mart years ago.

I am making View C with the pleated sleeve. I am thinking of using the stripes for the neckband. Not fully committed to that yet. The sleeves and front/back bodice has been cut out. I am practicing using my rotary cutter and it worked great with both fabrics! It is definitely quicker than using scissors. I plan to sew some today.

I recently purchased fabric from the Fabric Mart sale around Memorial Day. It is a woven slubbed challis fabric. I want to make more woven tops and have a couple patterns in mind.

As I posted earlier, I have completed the Love Notions Melody Dolman shirt. This was a UFO from 2020. I took some quick photos as we were getting ready to go out. I will do a better photoshoot in the near future. This was taken in my bathroom using my phone.

I love the fabric but it truly wrinkles a lot while wearing. Yet it was perfect for the very hot day.

That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by, always appreciate comments.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Sharpening Scissors

 I have Gingher scissors and one pair I have had for over 30 years. I also have a few pairs my grandmother left to me when she passed away. I once had a sharpening stone that I used over the years to sharpen my scissors and somewhere in my last move, the stone is nowhere to be found. I got this from Nancy's Notions years ago. I have also taken my scissors to JoAnn's for sharpening when they were offering this service once every three months or more.

I  do not have a JoAnn's where I currently live and I don't even know if JoAnn's even offer scissor sharpening anymore.  I knew with my last project that the scissors were really dull and when I checked Nancy's Notions they did not seem to have a tool for this. I did not check any other source at that time.

Recently while reading reviews at Pattern Review, I came across a YouTube site "Sew Essential."  I went to that site to see a sewing tutorial. Once I clicked on the site, the first video to pop up was for scissor sharpeners. I immediately clicked on it and discovered that Fiskars had two scissor sharpeners. In the video, the sewist was using what to me seemed to be the better sharpener of the two. There is one for right and left-handed people. I never made it to the actual video I wanted to watch!

I found several sites that sell the sharpener; in the end, I ordered from Amazon as I had a couple of coupon codes to use worth $10 each. They actually arrived a day earlier than the projected date! It is simple to use from watching the video as well as for instructions on the box. 

You just open the scissors and push the blades into the opening, apply pressure as you pull the scissors out. I did this about four times and the scissors are very sharp.

The image of the sharpener is in the right side column under Amazon Affiliate. Perhaps you and others may have looked for such a tool.  I am fully disclosing that should you use the link I may get a small commission.

I plan to sharpen the scissors from my grandmother as they are still usable but dull. I have two pairs of duckbill scissors and plan to sharpen them also.

More later!

Thursday, May 20, 2021

UFO completed-Melody Dolman

 I finally completed my Melody Dolman top. It has been waiting around for finishing touches for almost a year. I am happy with the outcome and planning my next one.

I had to tack down the sleeve cuffs. I stitched in the ditch at shoulder and side seams. Being a soft fabric this will help in keeping the cuffs turned up.

The final thing left was to sew buttonholes and buttons. I think it has been over 2 or 3 years since I sewed something needing buttons. I used snaps on another project which I found easier to do than the buttonholes.

My sewing machine (Husqvarna) has a special buttonhole foot that memorizes the size button and supposedly stitches the same size for all buttonholes. I wish that it did, but I seem to have one sometimes two buttonholes that are not the same. For this top, it was only one that was off. Removing stitches is always a bear, particularly for the soft fabric. I had pieces of washaway stabilizer to help give the buttonhole some support while sewing. 

I also have a special button foot that normally works well when sewing on buttons. I realized with the buttons that I used for this top, not being totally flat would not stay in place for stitching. I broke 2 needles and resorted to hand sewing to attach the buttons.

In spite of this, my top is complete.  It needs a good pressing before I wear it. I took pics of the completed top on the hanger and will post more when I press and wear it.

Thanks for stopping by! I have two projects I want to sew next, one is a knit and one is another challis fabric.  More later.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Simplicity 9275 and UFO

 Yeah! I finally have a finished top. My previous attempts at the Willow Wrap top ended up not being successful. Both were due to operator error. I will successfully make this pattern in the future. Yet decided that I needed to move on to another pattern. I chose Simplicity 9275.

I decided to make the short sleeve version using the leftover fabric that I purchased from Sly Fox Fabric.

I decided to use Size 14 for shoulders and upper chest, tapering to size 16 for the bust to bottom. Given weight change and fitting issues with the previous make, I know that I can reduce the size if too large but not much can be done with fit adjustments when too small.

I made my usual 5/8 inch FSA, 5/8 inch swayback adjustment, and made bust adjustment using Sandra Betzina's princess seam FBA.

Simplicity patterns run a little large on me and I shaved off some of the shoulder width and took deeper seams starting at the top of the princess seam tapering to 5/8 inch seam allowance above the bust.

The pattern has a neck facing for front and back. I normally don't use this type of facing with knit tops but did stick to instructions and I am happy with the outcome. I sewed a 5/8 seam allowance for the side seams. I thought about taking a deeper seam at the waistline. I didn't do this but after wearing I may make that adjustment.

We planned a trip to Wilmington, NC for Monday to meet up with long-time friends who were staying in Myrtle Beach. We had not seen them in over a year. I wore the top for that meet-up. My DH photography skills were lacking that morning and I was not too happy about the end results. I did some cropping to be able to post my completed top today. 

I think I could have reduced the front upper chest area as there seem to be some folds there.

The back is a little full also in the upper back area. Sizing down for the next one is required.

I like the side view look and the top is skimming over the tummy.  It is definitely a boxy look and in style with that trend. It was very comfortable to wear and that particular day was rather warm and I thought the ponte knit might feel hot and it did not.

The instructions were okay. They point out at the beginning of the instructions that you can use a serger/overlocker. Yet the instructions do not reference an option to serge the seams. I think this is a good pattern and with a few tweaks, I will definitely try the view the model is wearing closer to fall.

I am currently working on the Love Notions Melrose top that I started and did not quite finish. I did not complete it as I did not have white buttons for this. When I finally got them the weather had changed to fall temps and put this aside.  I also needed to stitch down the cuffs which I did and not getting ready to make buttonholes and sew the buttons.

I love the feel of this fabric and the look of this top. I will make another one in the near future.

That's all for now.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Over it!

 Recently I posted about three Simplicity patterns I purchased during Hobby Lobby's $.99 sale. 

Well, I am over my two dead to me Willow Wrap Tops! I am moving on.

I have enough fabric to use the leftover solid and striped fabrics. I started focusing on these two Simplicity patterns.

Originally I was leaning toward S9229. However, I am somewhat skeptical of the measurements on the pattern envelope back. I normally cut a 12, 14, 16, and on occasion an 18 at the bust to skip making an FBA. The finished bust size that matches mine or close to is a size 20 or 22!  I have not removed the pattern pieces to see what measurements are printed there if any??!!

Simplicity S9275 has measurements that I normally use and shows the finished bust measurement to be 43 1/2 inches for size 16. So I have decided to make view c which has short sleeves and a short band. There is an opportunity for color blocking.

The pattern pieces have been cut around and ready for fitting. I want to make the pattern the model is wearing but think it will be too warm for our spring and summer.

More to update later.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Cursed or Jinxed Willow Wrap Top

 I really like this pattern. BUT!

The first one that I gave you a sneak peek of was not to be! The black knit was really not a good mix with the print knit but I kept going and then my serger ate a chunk of the sleeve and there was no way to selvage but to cut out another sleeve, BUT I was growing to hate the black fabric because it was not the quality I thought it would be. I ended up scraping this top.

I decided to use some knit fabrics I purchased from Sly Fox Fabrics, a solid aqua, and an aqua white stripe purchased in 2020. They both were ponte knits and had the appropriate stretch. 

Having almost finished the first one I knew all the sewing steps making it a quick sew. After sewing the sleeves and side seams it was too close-fitting. I decided I could try to remove the side seam stitches and sew a 1/4 inch seam giving me a little extra width. BUT, in doing this I ended up somehow tearing a hole in the back piece. Not a small cut but a cut that one would see even if I used a fusible to patch. 

At this point, I am taking a break from this pattern.  I have a lot of the striped fabric left and only a small portion of the solid, yet not enough of the solid to remake. I will have to consider how I could use the remaining fabric as it is perfect for a spring/summer look.

I will come back to this pattern and have decided to use a larger size. At least with a larger size, you can take deeper seams!

What next? Not sure, need to get a better frame of mind before moving on.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Sneek Peak

 I have been sewing!

I am working on the Willow Wrap top from Love Notions.

Just a glimpse of this sewing project.

Fabric cut out to be sewn

Shoulders attached, front pieces basted at sides, the right side is gathered

I visited Hobby Lobby to purchase a new blade for my Olfa rotary cutter. While there I saw that Simplicity patterns were $.99 and a limit of 10. I only purchased 3 as I was limited for time. Not sure if the sale is still on and hopefully will find time to revisit the store to see. $.99 sale for Simplicity is a rarity IMHO,

Here are the three I purchased

I have fabric washed and ready for 9273. I plan to make the view on the bottom left side. I have seen a blogger wearing a top like this and I fell in love with the sleeves.

Another purchase I made was the cotton fabric. It is mid to heavy weight cotton. I plan to make a pair of shorts with this.

That's it for now. Hopefully will complete the Willow Wrap this afternoon.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Change of Plans (again)

 Perhaps you have seen the commercial (screenshot above) about retirees and they keep changing their retirement plans.

So again I have a change of plans for the Burda pattern.  I decided to use a different pattern similar to the Burda one I was going to make. I decided I do not want to keep adjusting this pattern. The traced pattern is a hot mess and tired of trying to make it fit; I'm too old for all this.

 The one I am going to use is from Love Notions-The Willow Wrap top.

The ruching is there, the wrap is there but different and this pattern fits me with only a few tweaks. I still have the Burda pattern printout.  With a pattern of the right size and the potential to hack, I think I will get closer to what I had in mind.

The predominant color will be black and I am auditioning a couple of fabrics that look great with black.

I hope to have a new top soon! There is always a chance of a change in plans!

More later.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

New Fabrics

 I have not purchased any new fabrics in some time. Finding sales recently and a few extra dollars in my pocket, I decided to purchase a few fabrics. One was a new source that I follow, yet never took the plunge, So Sew English. I will purchase from again.

This is a red gray ombre knit fabric. The feel of it is nice and I have several ideas of what to make from it.

The next fabric is a red crepe knit with black polka dots from Fabric Mart. This is a source I have purchased from over the years. I purchased two other fabrics year-end 2020.

The third purchase was from Fashion Fabrics. It has been a few years since I purchased fabrics from this source. I have been looking for some challis fabrics. This one immediately caught my attention because it is a green fabric, a color I love.

I have hit a sewing block (again) and thought some new fabric would help me get past it. Updates on a sewing project to follow.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Where's the top?

During the Covid shutdown, I like some others gained some extra pounds over the past year. I have a sugar addiction and gave in to too eating more sweets.  As a result, some of my jeans and pants are now too small or when wearing created a muffin top! I had an overall increase in body measurements; resulting in some other garments being too close-fitting for my comfort.

The realization was I needed to remeasure high/regular bust as well as waist and tummy!  There were some extra inches definitely needed. Now with these new measurements, I am once again ready to choose new pattern sizes.

I also had a meeting with myself and discussed actions to take to get back to my former size. Weaning myself off sugar is a real challenge. To go cold turkey will result in failure, tried it/been there.

So what does this have to do with sewing, you ask? A lot.

After printing out the Burda pattern 113 from Burda issue 11/2018, I found that this pattern is not big enough. Since the pattern requires one to add seam and hem allowances, I added an inch to the side seams and used 5/8 seams for armscye, neck and shoulder. I then pin-fitted the pattern and was not happy with the outcome.  The back pattern piece is drafted way too small, underarm too high, etc. So I am working on more adjustments to the pattern piece and will add more width to the center back and see how that works.

I am also thinking the easiest thing to do would be to use a basic knit tee pattern that does fit and then overlay the front pieces of the Burda pattern to create the pattern style.

I was close to giving up but that will not be my option. This has not been the immediate gratification sew that I thought it would be. I am off now to work on needed adjustments! Updates to follow.

Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Change of Plans

 I decided not to make the Butterick pattern. There were more changes to make besides the ones I've already made. The pattern is looking like a hot mess. Also, the fabric was not quite right for this pattern. This fabric has been in the stash for a short period of time. It is rather a thin knit and clingy. With my weight gain, I am having to rethink patterns and pattern sizes. I need knit fabrics that work with a more fitted top yet do not cling. 

I have decided to move forward with the Burda pattern. I had already printed the pattern and finish taping it together yesterday. The drawback is having to add seam allowances; another time-consuming step. I plan to color block this top and will be using a black knit from my stash. I have some leftover fabric from other projects that I think I can use. 

I also have a UFO for a Love Notions pattern and have found the right buttons to use with the blouse. It will be a perfect top for hopefully upcoming warm weather. 

More to share later with pictures!

Next Project, New Fabric and UFO complete

 I am working on making Simplicity 9273. I purchased this pattern when Hobby Lobby was having a sale. I had planned on using a black crepe k...