Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Laundry Day 2

 I decided that I will make another Laundry Day top. With fitting adjustments made with this first version

I decided that it was time to make another one. This one is rather full from the waist down so I will go with a smaller size in that area. I will not use a cowl neck;  I plan to sew a scoop neckline. I will use the same sleeve length, thinking this can transition into fall weather when it arrives.

The fabric I plan to use is this one I purchased from SoSewEnglish (SSE).
The colors look somewhat faded in this photo. They are crisper colors IRL.

Gone sewing, more later!

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Updates September 12.

 I have put aside the Simplicity pattern mentioned in my last post. I am just not feeling it. The fabric is just not right for this pattern. Every time I walked into my sewing room, I just could not bring myself to work on it. I always felt I should finish what I started sewing; and when I do this, I get to the point where I am hating the project, get it completed and I don't like the end product.

Life is just too short for me to continue down that path. I may go back to it and may not. I really need a different fabric for this to be successful.

So I am reviewing patterns that I have been wanting to sew plus looking at some new indie patterns recently purchased.

Not sure what it will be and have decided on two fabrics that I will use.

I recently purchased two patterns from Something Delightful both McCalls. I also purchased a New Look pattern at Hobby Lobby.

McCall's patterns are 7808 and 8097. For 7808 I am more interested in View D &E; for 8097 I plan to make View B. New Look 6511 is for tops and I was wanting to make View C with View B sleeves or stay with sleeveless.  This may end up being made next spring. This pattern appears to be OOP but available on eBay and may still be at Hobby Lobby.

I also purchased a pastel pink/gray fabric from So Sew English. Pastel fabrics don't normally interest me but I was drawn to this fabric. I like SSE fabrics, they are of good quality, shipping is somewhat slow but worth it for the quality. This was going to be a layered dress, though I may change my mind.

That's it for now.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Actually sewing!

 Today, I decided to work on Simplicity 8416. I had started on this a few weeks ago.  We then took some travel time to see family and friends. Since returning I have been working on the clutter in the sewing room and purging patterns to sell on eBay. Those that don't sell after a few listings go to charity.

I have made some headway on cleaning. I wanted to sew and thus I began again to work on this shirt. This too will help with getting clutter on top of the cutting table put away or used.

I needed to take a break after sewing for a while. I took time to snap a few shots and thought I would post work in progress. The challis fabric is from Sly Fox Fabrics and the pattern I purchased on eBay.

I am making View A

Front and back attached to the yoke

Yoke inside. I used the burrito method makes for a very clean finished yoke.

The front piece has an added dart and the front closure area has been basted. I cut the interfacing for the collar and collar stand and will fuse those next.

More later!

Wednesday, August 04, 2021

This and That-August 4

 I see I have not posted anything since July 10-bad blogger.

I have started my Simplicity shirt but have not made much progress. My sewjo comes and goes. All fitting adjustments have been made; sewn the bust darts. Started working on one of the front button plackets.

Spent time visiting family and friends in my hometown of Danville, VA, and just returned on August 1.  We stayed with a longtime friend and were able to visit with my sister-in-law. It was a good visit with her as she lost her husband in December to Covid. We were unable to go to the funeral. This is our first trip since December 2019. Planning more as the year progresses.

I must and need to work on my sewing room. There is too much clutter that is sewing and non-sewing related laying around the room. This is adding to my lowered sewjo as well.  I just have too much for less room.

More later!

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Thanks for your help!

 I appreciate your comments for assistance. A suggestion from Sue allowed me to find a source for parts for my Designer SE. I was able to purchase a presser foot shaft at a very reasonable price.

My Designer SE has had a good life and I want it to continue to sew for a few more years.  The price of new machines is for me sky high. They are truly exceptional looking machines with a few more bells and whistles that would be helpful. 

Once again, thank you for your support.

Thursday, July 08, 2021

HELP! Seeking part(s)

 Hoping someone can help me with my Designer SE sewing machine.

When sewing the other day, I realized that a screw was very loose, which helps the presser foot holder stay attached. ( Not very technical term).

You can see in this picture where it is located.

I looked on eBay and Amazon. I tried the site as well and was unable to pull up any information for the Designer SE.

I am asking for help in finding the screw and/or the white presser foot shaft.  Everything is sewing okay but concerned that I have to put the screw back in, but it does not tighten at all.  Perhaps you know of a source or perhaps use a different term to search. I have not yet searched Wawa Sewing Supplies but do not think they sell parts. 

Appreciate your suggestions for sources you may have.


Wearing Simplicity 9273

 I finally had an opportunity to wear the S9273 posted previously.  The pictures were taken after wearing.  A black top with black shorts does not photograph well.  Here is the back view; and you can see the sleeve pleats a little better in this picture.


I liked the comfortable feeling of this top. I still struggle with fitting issues with many Simplicity patterns. I went with 12 for the upper chest, shoulders, and neckline. Tapering to 14 from bust to hip.

I made several fitting adjustments prior to cutting out the fabric and during the sewing/fitting phase. My usual 5/8 forward shoulder adjustment, 5/8 high back adjustment, 5/8 swayback adjustment, and 1inch FBA. I did not sew the resulting dart.

The black fabric had both vertical and horizontal stretch. I ended up raising the shoulder seam for the front shoulder midway of shoulder to top of arm area by an extra 1/4 inch;  The vertical fabric stretch made the underarm area too long. Next time with this and probably other Simplicity patterns, I will need to make a 3/8 upper chest vertical tuck to the pattern to get a better fit in the underarm area.

I decided to cut the neckband on the bias to add interest using the striped fabric. 

I decided to use the striped fabric for the neckband and sleeve as my previous fabric choice was too heavy for the black crepe knit. Unfortunately, the pleated sleeve does not show the pleats as much as I wanted. The drawing of the pleated sleeve view makes one think the pleats will be rather full. The striped fabric has some heft to it but not enough to make the pleats fuller and noticeable.

The fabrics were purchased from Fabric Mart, The black striped fabric was purchased a few years ago and has been used in many projects with enough fabric still left for another project. The black knit was purchased this year.

I will sew this pattern again, having three views gives a nice variety to sew.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Next Project S8416

 I recently purchased this pattern from eBay. I read several reviews on Pattern Review and posts were positive for this shirt. Some found shoulders too wide, as did I. I cut the shoulder width at size 12 and continued around the armscye for that size also.

The fabric was purchased from Sly Fox one or two years ago. It is a challis fabric in a royal blue stripe. I am planning on making View A or B. View B has a tab at the back.

I made several adjustments to the pattern this afternoon:  

Foward Shoulder Adjustments to Yoke and Sleeve cap

Forward Bust Adjustment of 1.25 inches using Palmer/Pletsch method

Swayback adjustment using Sandra Betzina's Fast Fit method.

I need to set up the sewing machine and serger. I will be ready to sew!

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Sneak peek Simplicity 9273

Yeah, I finally completed Simplicity 9273! It is a rather simple top and required some fit adjustments! I think some were required because of the stretchiness of the black crepe knit and because Simplicity patterns run large for me.

Also, the black crepe knit was rather fiddly. None the less it is complete. I took a couple of pics for a sneak peek.  I will post a follow-up of the sewing journey soon and when I am wearing the top. For now, this is what I have!


Thursday, June 10, 2021

Next Project, New Fabric and UFO complete

 I am working on making Simplicity 9273. I purchased this pattern when Hobby Lobby was having a sale.

I had planned on using a black crepe knit purchased from Fabric Mart with a red knit with black dots. However, after considering this match-up, I decided that the red fabric was too heavy to use with the lighter weight black fabric.  So I pulled out a black and white striped fabric from my stash that I purchased from Fabric Mart years ago.

I am making View C with the pleated sleeve. I am thinking of using the stripes for the neckband. Not fully committed to that yet. The sleeves and front/back bodice has been cut out. I am practicing using my rotary cutter and it worked great with both fabrics! It is definitely quicker than using scissors. I plan to sew some today.

I recently purchased fabric from the Fabric Mart sale around Memorial Day. It is a woven slubbed challis fabric. I want to make more woven tops and have a couple patterns in mind.

As I posted earlier, I have completed the Love Notions Melody Dolman shirt. This was a UFO from 2020. I took some quick photos as we were getting ready to go out. I will do a better photoshoot in the near future. This was taken in my bathroom using my phone.

I love the fabric but it truly wrinkles a lot while wearing. Yet it was perfect for the very hot day.

That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by, always appreciate comments.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Sharpening Scissors

 I have Gingher scissors and one pair I have had for over 30 years. I also have a few pairs my grandmother left to me when she passed away. I once had a sharpening stone that I used over the years to sharpen my scissors and somewhere in my last move, the stone is nowhere to be found. I got this from Nancy's Notions years ago. I have also taken my scissors to JoAnn's for sharpening when they were offering this service once every three months or more.

I  do not have a JoAnn's where I currently live and I don't even know if JoAnn's even offer scissor sharpening anymore.  I knew with my last project that the scissors were really dull and when I checked Nancy's Notions they did not seem to have a tool for this. I did not check any other source at that time.

Recently while reading reviews at Pattern Review, I came across a YouTube site "Sew Essential."  I went to that site to see a sewing tutorial. Once I clicked on the site, the first video to pop up was for scissor sharpeners. I immediately clicked on it and discovered that Fiskars had two scissor sharpeners. In the video, the sewist was using what to me seemed to be the better sharpener of the two. There is one for right and left-handed people. I never made it to the actual video I wanted to watch!

I found several sites that sell the sharpener; in the end, I ordered from Amazon as I had a couple of coupon codes to use worth $10 each. They actually arrived a day earlier than the projected date! It is simple to use from watching the video as well as for instructions on the box. 

You just open the scissors and push the blades into the opening, apply pressure as you pull the scissors out. I did this about four times and the scissors are very sharp.

The image of the sharpener is in the right side column under Amazon Affiliate. Perhaps you and others may have looked for such a tool.  I am fully disclosing that should you use the link I may get a small commission.

I plan to sharpen the scissors from my grandmother as they are still usable but dull. I have two pairs of duckbill scissors and plan to sharpen them also.

More later!

Laundry Day 2

 I decided that I will make another Laundry Day top. With fitting adjustments made with this first version I decided that it was time to mak...