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I have been sewing off and on the Melody Dolman shirt. It was as easy project to sew and the instructions are good. I am not always sure of my size with different indie pattern companies. With this pattern you select your high bust measurement to chose the size. Because of my measurement, it was suggested to use the full bust front pattern. I did this but did not trust the final bust measurement, because I found with the big 4, I always had to make a bust adjustment because of the cup size. So, baste on that, I did make an 1 inch bust adjustment.  Totally not necessary. I also used medium for upper chest area and large from bust down. I should have made a petite adjustment for reducing the length of the upper body. After basting the side seams, I knew I had made a top too large. But fixable. Next time I will use small upper area, tapering to medium from waist down.I did shorten the length from waist to hip and that was a good adjustment. I ended up taking a 3/4 inch seam in the shoul…

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