Back to sewing-yeah!

I am finally doing some sewing again. 
After making numerous fitting adjustments to this pattern, I finally cut out the fabric and got my sewing machine as well as serger threaded and ready to go.

I began sewing it earlier this week and did more sewing today.  The shoulder seams were sewn and side seams basted to check the fit and to make sure darts were pointing correctly.  After this, I sewed the side seams.  The pattern calls for the top to be hemmed and I started that process and completed one front piece.

Once I complete the hemming, the front bands will be attached. I used a woven, iron on interfacing purchased some time ago from Fashion Fabric Supply.  This has been in my stash for several years and was happy that fusible side held nicely after all this time.
After the hemming and front bands are completed, there are the sleeves, collar stand, and collar to be attached.  Actually, the sewing of this pattern so far has been less time consuming than making all the pattern adjustme…

Catching up

Here it is almost Memorial Day in the US and I have not posted anything since May 5. There has been a lot going on with health issues. 

I am one of those people who immediately read the side effects of prescription medicine. My DH thinks that when I do that I make myself susceptible to thinking I have one of the side effects.  I think it is in my best interest to know so if something feels off then it could be the medicine. 

My doctor changed my cholesterol medicine, one that my drug plan would not cover.  So she prescribed a different one and the drug plan covered it.  My old medication was also covered.  After being on the new medication for almost one month, I felt terrible.  I also felt overwhelming sadness and found myself crying over most anything. I even had an incident at Walmart where I was walking through the store and I just wanted to break down and cry.  Crazy!

I revisited the new cholesterol medication side effects and found that some people would possibly experience mood…

Back in the saddle!

First, I want to thank all of you who responded to my previous post, it helped.  It also made me feel that some of what I was feeling seems to be somewhat the norm or at least I am not the only one who has had these feelings.

I am back in the saddle again in regards to sewing.  I have been working on McCall's 7904

There are a number of fitting adjustments I had to make, mostly my normal ones-- Forward shoulder (FSA)-5/8"Full bust adjustment (FBA)-1 1/2 inchesShortened the length by 2"Swayback adjustment by 5/8"High upper round adjustment by 5/8"
There may be more as I pin fit collar and stay.  I will be making a short sleeve instead of long or 3/4  and strongly leaning toward View A instead of D or maybe a combination.  
The fabric has been in my stash for years and not sure where it is from, perhaps or Fabric Mart.  It is a border print, but the border is somewhat "blah".  

Life gets in the way sometimes

I have finally made my way back to sewing (partially).  DH and I have had some health issues, nothing really serious but still annoying. 

Past few days, I have worked on spring cleaning my sewing room and still have more to do.  I have decided on a pattern to make---McCall's7904.

I thought I would try the shirt as seen on the model, but with shorter sleeves. Then I thought I would try View A.  The fabric I was going to use however will probably not drape as shown for that view.  I have pulled out a couple of other fabrics from stash and need to decide.
I have at least cut around the pattern pieces and have pinned them for fitting purposes.  I have not gotten to that part yet.  Sewing has always been my stress reliever, but not happening now.
I admit I am feeling some anxiousness and having been retired for one year now, I find I miss the interaction with people as I had at work.  I miss not having a sewing guild to interact with members. I reached out to a chapter near Wilmington …

Finding my lost sewjo

I lost my mojo again or it is at least 1/2 gone.  In my last post, I talked about a jacket from Nordstroms that I want to make. I ordered Brussels Washer Linen from that is green but not quite as bright.  This will be my first time trying this type of fabric.

I have been on a fabric and pattern diet since retiring.  There were a couple of patterns recently that I purchased through Club BMV.

I also purchased a top pattern from Burda.
I was inspired to try this one as I fell in love with Linda G's top as shown on her blog.
Dressmaking Debacles blogger helped me with finding a pattern to sew that was very similar to the inspirational jacket on Nordstrom.  I downloaded it from the Burda Style website.  I think this will be easily adaptable to what I want to do.

These two patterns are from Simplicity.  8512 will get made soon as the other one will be on hold for a while as I think our warm weather is here to stay!

Buying the patterns and fabric is helping me to get the sewin…

Fabric Marker Pens and Field Jackets

I have used the FriXion pens for a couple of years and all that I had have run out of ink.  My Walmart never has them.  There are several Walmarts in my general area, but the one I normally go to is about 5 minutes away from my neighborhood.  Their products are somewhat lacking compared to two other stores that I go to when in the area.

I even went to Staples and even they did not have them in stock.  I do like the pens so decided to look on Amazon. Of course, they had several in stock.  While looking I came across some other
They are Blulu Heat Erasable pens.  They come in four colors white, fuschia, blue and black.  There are two refills for each color.  I liked the price and I like to try something new so I ordered them, arriving a couple of days ago.  I have tried the fuschia and the mark I made as a guide for hemming my recent project worked beautifully.  The only negative is that there is not an eraser at the other end of the pen.  I can survive that. The price was $7.99…

The Discoverer Tee-Ellie and Mac

I finally finished this top!  It should not have taken this long to complete as it is an easy pattern to sew.  I ran into issues with the neckline, operator error not the pattern.

When I attached the neckband to the neckline, I had a puckered place at the front area.  I just could not leave it alone; it was noticeable. I dreaded having to undo the stitching.  I normally do not use the stretch stitch on my machine.  I had read several posts about sewing knits and noted that several people use this stitch.  Soooooo! I decided to give it a try; I have tried it before and had to remove stitches and found it was not as easy to remove as a straight stitch or zigzag.  After seeing the pucker, I was hating that I used that stitch.

The solid green fabric is a rather lightweight knit and does not sew that well; it is easy to tear. So I began slowing to remove stitches and of course, I created a small hole and then another one and another one.  I think you get the picture. I decided that I would…


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