Tuesday, March 01, 2022

No pics for now just words

 I finally completed Simplicity 9384. I like the pattern and will sew it again. I am not sure that the fabric I used was the right choice. It met the stretch requirements and it is a double knit which was a suggested fabric.

Some fitting adjustments I made during the sewing process resulted in a closer fit than I desired. I think the fabric I used did not have the drape as the model's top appears to have.

One of the rookie mistakes I made was not paying close attention to the pattern drawings. I cut View A  thinking it was the same as on the model. NOT!

 I followed the extensive instructions on making the pleats, which required sewing and basting.  Once that was done I attached the sleeves my way, not per the instructions. This allowed me to baste the side and sleeve seam for fitting.

Standing in front of the hallway mirror, I had a moment of total disbelief. The top hung down to my knees; it looked like a huge dress, not a top. I always have to shorten the length of the Big 4 patterns and had reduced the length by 1 1/2 inches. I am saying to myself what the heck plus a few other explicative.

Back to the sewing room, I finally realized that View A was a tunic and View B fell at the hipline which was the look I was going for. For me to undo the seams that form the bodice and the pleats and the topstitching of the pleats was not going to happen. The difference between the two lengths measured 6 inches. So I measured and marked six inches from the bottom and cut with a rotary cutter and scissors.

I could go on and on with other fitting issues and rookie things I did to fix things. I'll save those for the review of the pattern. 

 One positive to add to this post is that my new sewing machine did very well for this project. YEAH!. For the price I paid  I think I got a very durable machine.  The fabric was thick in places and handled it very well. The topstitching foot worked perfectly.  

More info to follow with pics!


  1. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your sweatshirt. I like the pattern now that you've mentioned it, I overlooked it previously. Can't wait to hear about your new sewing machine too.


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