Thursday, May 19, 2022


 I am sewing this pattern from SoSewEnglish; Florence Dress and Top.  I am also using this fabric from them.

Pastel Patchwork Knit

I was drawn to this fabric and not sure why. I normally I do not go for pastel colors, much less pink fabrics. My white/gray hair and light skin may prove this will wash me out even more. Nonetheless, I liked it.

I have finally completed the bodice part. To me, the sizing ran large. In the end, I used sizes medium, large and extra-large. I raised the front neckline about two inches and I am glad I did as the neckline is defined as square neck scooped. Too scooped for me and not as squared as I thought. I found the shoulders rather long and after trimming I think they are close to the medium size.

Bodice WIP.

I chose the flutter sleeve; there are various sleeve lengths and options. Plus a tank top bodice.

I was going to go with a two-tier add-on to the bodice. After fiddling with the bodice sizing, I decided to just go with one-tier. I discovered while printing out the bodice and sleeves that the tiers did not have a pattern piece. You had to use the guide showing the width and length inches to cut. I always find that when I have to cut using this method, I am not happy. Especially when using a thinner knit and having to make sure your drawn lines are accurate while keeping fabric in place.
Two tiers (rectangles)

You cut two pieces, one front tier and one for the back tier. They have you gather the pieces and sew them together forming a side seam. Then attach the tiers to the bodice. Before sewing together you have to make sure the gathered edge line up with the bodice front and back. The bodice sleeves and side seams have already been sewn. I am going to follow these instructions knowing that I normally sew front tier to front and back tier to back. Then sew side seam from hem to sleeve hem. 

Tiers will be gathered and sewn later today or tomorrow.

More updates to follow.

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