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Before getting dressed for work, I like to fix a cup of coffee and read emails. This morning Club BMV announced a sale. Yes-I whipped out that credit card and order 5 Vogue patterns! I could have bought more but I contained my urge to purchase those patterns that I knew would get some immediate attention.

I knew that I would buy when a sale offer was made; I just did not think it would be this quick.


  1. I received the same e-mail and will be giving in to the temptation when I get home from work today (I have decided that resistance is futile!!)

    Soooo, which ones did you buy?? I'd love to know what you picked!! Are you going to use any fabric from your existing stash or are you going to buy more fabric?

  2. Good for you! Enjoy those new patterns. I have a question. You mentioned several times "EOS" fabric. I don't know what that is. Can you enlighten this big dummy?


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