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Gwen asked what I meant by "EOS fabric". That is my short hand for Emma One Sock. An online fabric store out of Pennsylvania, owned and operated by Linda Podietz. (I apologize to Linda as I may have spelled her last name incorrectly.) She offers a very nice range of fabrics and customer services is superb.
Miss Linda enquired about what patterns I ordered from Vogue this AM. Here you go
All photos above courtesy of Vogue Patterns website.
On Wednesday I took advantage of another Club BMV offering and ordered these McCall's patterns:

All photos courtesy of McCall's Patterns website.


  1. I bought 10 patterns...10! Do you think I really liked this set of offerings?! *LOL* But when I first put them in my cart the total was $154 without cost today with shipping $51...yeah, I will gladly give them that fee every January to keep getting these great prices without having to darken the doors of you know where!!!

  2. Oh Linda, I just love the patterns you chose. In fact, a couple of those are on my "must have" list. I know you are going to do wonderful things with them, and I can't wait to see the results!

  3. Thank you for deciphering your shorthand! Great pattern finds. I especiialy like the pink Vogue jacket, and the McCall pantsuit! More for my list!

  4. I too bought a lot of patterns. I'll post them on the weekend.

  5. I love your choice of the McCall pantsuit and the 5 Easy Pieces Vogue. I must go and have a look at Vogue's web-site; so many people are posting about the autumn patterns. Thanks for sharing

  6. I am just loving the new Vogue collection. Unfortunately, I put myself on a pattern ban until I get the fabric sewed up in my stash which I already have patterns for. I will just live vicariouly through you.


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