Another skirt cut out

I meant to post that I was able to cut out the other McCall's skirt pattern. I ended up though using another piece of fabric that I was in my stash. It is a fabric that I am trying to recall when and where I purchased it. It is a blue color; not navy nor a royal blue. I need to check my Pantone colors.

I also have this nice fabric that I acquired from Wal-Mart that is a polyester, flux linen. I had thought about making a dress from it but now I am leaning toward a blouse to go with the blue skirt. The fabric is a floral print. One of the flowers is the exact blue of the skirt. Actually the blue fabric was going to be a jacket and was to be worn with the floral print. I think I have enough of the blue to make a jacket still.

I am now wanting to trace and cut out a BWOF skirt pattern from January '09 issue. I like the skirt when I saw it in the magazine and just read a nice review of the skirt on PR and on the person's blog. I want to make that skirt up in the EOS fabric. Ideas, ideas, ideas. I need more sewing time. The weekend is fast approaching.


  1. You are such an inspiration. As busy as you are, you are still getting a lot of sewing done. I come over here and read your blog, and realize I need to get off the computer and get busy in my sewing room, too!! Thank you for helping me stay on track!

    Can't wait to see the blue McCall's skirt and the blue floral blouse. The fabric sounds just wonderful. All of the Wal-Mart stores in our area have removed their fabric sections. I believe I still have some yardage from past Wal-Mart purchases in my stash. I really hope you can find the time to get some sewing done this weekend!


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