Pin Fitting Complete

I was able to pin fit both McCall's skirt patterns. I was able to cut out this one.I really like all of the skirt's back views but decided to go with View A. I used this fabric .

I fell in love with these print skirts that were in Lucky Magazine. Carolyn and Marji both made print skirts recently with these skirts being their inspiration.
My second McCall's pattern is ready for me to move forward with cutting out the fabric. I had to take care of several chores this afternoon. For dinner I planned to grill chicken breasts so my time was taken up with cooking. I plan to work on cutting out the other skirt during the upcoming week.


  1. I have that very same pattern, and view A is my favorite view. In fact, I am ashamed to admit this but I have the entire skirt made except for the hemming. Yes, my beginner-ness is showing, but I can't hem the flared panel in the back smoothly. How will you hem that? If you had time and the inclination, would you consider taking pictures of that process? I can't seem to get a smooth hem on flared skirts.


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