McCall's Dress complete

The brown and creme knit dress is complete. I will post photos of the completed dress later. I am pleased with the outcome of the dress.

I have a question to ask about how you store or hang knit dresses. Some of the knit dresses I make are from slinky knit and I learned over the years that slinky can grow, so for slinky knit tops I fold and store in a drawer. For dresses I fold them over and use a pant hanger from the cleaners where the dress is folded over the cardboard covering at the waist. I have some other knits like buttermilk knit that I hang like woven dresses or tops.

Other knits are not slinky or buttermilk and are rather stretchy. I use seam binding or fusible bias tape to secure the shoulder seams to help keep them from stretching too much.

So I am curious how you store or hang your knit dresses that have a tendency to stretch?


  1. The two knit dresses that I've made this year are stored over a pants hanger and hung in the closet with the rest of the dresses. I don't fold them up and put them with my sweaters because I would forget all about them especially since I don't wear many sweaters this time of the year!

  2. I only have a few knit dresses and like my knit tops I fold them and store in a storage container.


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