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Ups and downs of sewing

This is the second pull over top that I have made that is really boxy looking. I had the same issue with this Simplicity pattern. I ended up taking up about an inch through the waist line area with the current top, tapering to 3/4 seam allowance from hip to bottom.
After making the Simplicity top, I decided that drapey fabric was more appropriate for these tops with flounces, ruffles and the like. The fabric I used for this McCall's top is from my fabric collection and is over three years old, perhaps closer to five. I acquired it from Vogue Fabrics. It is a little stretchy feeling but it does not contain lycra. I think it is a lightweight rayon crepe.
The top is almost complete. I have to attach armhole bindings which I will do my way not theirs. I also need to hem it and will hem using sewing machine. I am happy with the adjusted fit, but the neck binding was disappointing. I am also upset with myself for not reading through the instructions more thoroughly. The way they have…

Saturday Sewing

DH and I spent the afternoon shopping for family and us. New sheets, comforter and a new pillow for me. Time for some spring update for the house. Bought niece some socks to go with a pair of tennis shoes we bought last weekend, an Easter present. Stopped had pizza and then came home. I was then able to have time to spend in sewing room. I worked on the McCall's top. I serge finished the front side seams. I then worked on the ruffle that is attached at the neckline.

Glad it is Friday

I am so glad it is Friday! I plan to get in some sewing time this weekend. It appears that we will have one sunny day this weekend-Saturday; so I will take advantage of being out in the fresh spring air, though it is going to be a little cooler :-( for part of the day.

So Saturday may be a partial sewing day, then Sunday will give it more attention. Next week will be a short week for Easter. Plans to visit family in NC and Danville. In between I plan to get some dress and more blouse/top patterns cut out and sewn.

So many ideas and such limited time!

McCall's Top 5977

Well I actually took a few moments to start on this top this evening. DH had to work late and I traveled to outlying facilities today so I spent a lot of time on the road today. So when I got home I heated the oven and put two Cornish hens on to bake.

I then decided to take a few moments and pinned in the darts. I then sewed them and had to stop to go work on the rest of the dinner. Mind you it was probably 10 minutes of time, but that is all I have been able to work into my life this week. I see the weekend coming up!!!!

Also I just realized Blogger has a new feature and you can add pages (up to 10) to your blog. I added a page called Patterns for Sale. (See right side upper link) I am continuing to spring clean my pattern stash. I have had these posted on Pattern Review. I have sold a few, so if interested drop me a note. I will be adding more.

Sencha Debut

Here is the completed blouse. I ended up having to take deeper side seams after I sewed on the buttons and tried this blouse on again. I will make more blouses from this pattern but found I really can go down about two sizes in the shoulder/upper chest and go down one size for bust to hip. I ended up taking one inch side seam.

Here is a view of the back. I learned from making this blouse that the back turn back needs to be interfaced up to the fold line. I used water soluble tearaway stabilizer underneath as I sewed the buttonholes and buttons. All in all I am satisfied with this blouse but the next one will be a better fit. I did get the sewing machine and serger set up for the McCall's top. Most of my day was spent on putting down new area rugs, laundry and trying to get my netbook to connect with my router. No success there. More later.

Spring has sprung!

Today was such a gorgeous spring day that I spent the AM doing some spring cleaning around the house. Then spent time sitting in the yard while DH washed my car.

After showers, we went out to do some shopping and then dinner. We got home around 8PM and dropped into our LazyBoys! Thus no sewing today but gosh it was such a great day to be outside, in the warm 71 degrees.

I will sew buttons on my Sencha blouse in the AM and start the McCall's top. More later.

Spring has sprung!


Buttonholes are completed on Sencha blouse. I only need to sew on the buttons. Fortunately I had some in my collection that I think works well with the blouse. Hopefully will get those sewn on this evening and the blouse will be complete.

I have the McCall's top cut out and ready to sew. My issue with this top is thread. I am having a heck of a time finding a matching thread. The ones that are readily available to me are either too green or too blue. Frustrating! Trying to match with colors on my monitor with online thread sources will be a hit and miss. When all else fails I use grey serger thread. Only with any topstitching, this will not work. I will come up with some sort of solution.

After I make these two tops, I think I will tackle another dress pattern and I want to make a jacket. Have not made a jacket in along time. I think the last one I made was a BWOF one.

More later.

Sencha blouse

I have been sewing the Sencha blouse today. I am really pleased with the fit of this blouse. I did take deeper tucks in the back after basting the side seams and trying it on. The tucks at neckline, front and back waistline are very flattering and very helpful for improving the fit.

I can see me making a few more versions of this blouse. There are two other front views to use as well. I only have to attach the neck facings, make buttonholes and sew on buttons and hem. Instructions and drawings for this pattern are very good.

As promised-photos of new fabric

Cotton sateen-blue with white dots. Dupionettefaux silk-aqua, brown with white flowers

Rayon blend double knit. The beige with white stripe fabric is going back. The fabric smell is like a mold smell. Not pleasant at all.

UPS Man Delivereth Yesterday

Fabric came yesterday! I have to say that two of the fabrics are better than my expectations. Buying online is such a gamble really. The colors can vary somewhat from the description. I think we all have an idea of a certain color. I have my idea of what aqua or teal color looks like; when something arrives in that color, it is definitely a hit or miss compared to my idea of the color. I wish more of the fabric sites would use the Pantone color descriptions.

The two fabrics I am most excited about is the cotton sateen blue with white dots; the dots are clustered at the selvage/border edge. I am envisioning a lovely sheath style dress with the clustered dots at the hemline. The dupionettefaux silk was another border print with different borders at each fabric edge. This is a lovely aqua and brown fabric with flowers in white. This aqua was what I consider to be aqua. I was really thrilled with this one as the monitor does not do this one justice at all. I will post photos later.

The othe…

Couldn't help myself

Yesterday I got an email from regarding clearance sale. I had to look. I ended up making another fabric purchase. I mean what's a girl to do when you see all the spring fashions popping up in magazines and commercials on TV with some really cute dresses being shown.

So I purchased a red double knit on sale, dupionettefaux silk(never heard of this fabric, but is a poly so call it what you want), and two different cotton sateens with lycra fabrics.

So ready for spring!

One cut and one to go

I cut out the Sencha blouse pattern this AM. I decided to then pin fit the McCall's top pattern. I used this fabric for the blouse. I had enough left over from a previous project to use.

For the McCall's top, I made my usual adjustments-FSA, swayback, took 1/4 inch horizontal tuck in upper chest and upper back, and 1 1/2 inch FBA. After pin fitting again after making these adjustments, I still needed to eliminate a gap at the armscye. Once that final adjustment was made, I then cut out this top using this fabric from my stash.


I decided to make a few blouses before tackling additional dress patterns.

First up is the new Collette Pattern-Sencha blouse. I really like the look of this blouse and I have seen quite a few reviewed on PR. I pin fitted the pattern this evening and I don't have to make a FBA!!!! I cut a 12 in the shoulders/upper chest area, transitioning to 14 for the bust to hemline. I decided to add about 1/2 inch to waist to hip area. I am going to make version 2 which has the tucks at the neckline. I am going to use a fabric left over from a previous project, a Simplicity Project Runway dress. I want to save my recent Fabric Mart purchased fabric for the next blouse.

I am also going to cut out this McCall's pattern. I plan to make the coral version in an aqua fabric I acquire over 4 years ago from Vogue Fabrics.

Coral and gold knit fabric

I thought I had posted a photo of this fabric and perhaps I did but I can't find the post of it. So here it is again or for the first time.
The reason I am posting about it as after it arrived, I was not thrilled about it. It was just not what I thought it would be. The other day I was in Belk's, a somewhat regional department store, and saw a Maggie London dress out of this very same fabric. It was a v-neck, cross over, empire style dress. After seeing this dress, it helped give me a different perspective of the potential for this fabric. So maybe it might become something yet. I am not sure what I want to sew next. I have several dresses that I want to make and of course I have the Senscha blouse pattern that I want to make up as well. Tomorrow I am sure I will know.

Thank you for your positive comments

Thanks so much for your positive feedback on my dress. I plan to wear it next week.

I wore my Butterick dress,completed prior to this one, today at work. It is nice to wear something new that one makes.

I am not sure what my next project is going to be. I am thinking another dress. However I just ordered and received today, this blouse pattern from Collette Patterns. I fell in love with the look of this blouse after reading a review on Pattern Review. Since then, I have seen several more of versions of this blouse. Really a nice retro and hopefully nice fitting blouse. My recent fabric purchase from Fabric Mart will be used to make the first one of I think several versions.

I ordered a Knip Mode pattern magazine from an eBay seller and still anxiously awaiting shipment of that. More later.


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