Ups and downs of sewing

This is the second pull over top that I have made that is really boxy looking. I had the same issue with this Simplicity pattern. I ended up taking up about an inch through the waist line area with the current top, tapering to 3/4 seam allowance from hip to bottom.

After making the Simplicity top, I decided that drapey fabric was more appropriate for these tops with flounces, ruffles and the like. The fabric I used for this McCall's top is from my fabric collection and is over three years old, perhaps closer to five. I acquired it from Vogue Fabrics. It is a little stretchy feeling but it does not contain lycra. I think it is a lightweight rayon crepe.
The top is almost complete. I have to attach armhole bindings which I will do my way not theirs. I also need to hem it and will hem using sewing machine. I am happy with the adjusted fit, but the neck binding was disappointing. I am also upset with myself for not reading through the instructions more thoroughly. The way they have you attach the neck binding will not result in the same look as on the pattern front. I had progressed too far to change the way I was doing this.

You can see from the photo below how it looks. I attached it per instructions. The thickness of the ruffle top edge (two pieces of fabric and pleated as one, per instructions) creates difficulty in turning under the binding. I pinned it down and then slipstitched the binding to neckline. As many of you know I hate to do hand sewing, but I did it. I am going to topstitch this also. Making it look similar to the pattern look on envelope.
Undecided what I want to do next. I am leaning toward a jacket and dress. I also want to make another Sencha blouse. More later.


  1. Those 2 layers of ruffle on top of the neckline definitely would create some bulk. Maybe a top in a chiffon weight? Or--how about making a binding, stitching it first on the wrong side, and bringing it to the right side for the final stitching?

  2. Have you ever considered darts for more shaping. Great color.

  3. Sorry it was an unsatisfying experience. My weekend was spent running errands yesterday and dying Easter eggs with the boys most of this afternoon. I traced a pattern yesterday, but I never had time to do anything more. With Easter next weekend, I don't know when I will have time. I am getting a bit grumpy as a result!!

  4. I'm with Shelia. Darts may help. Good luck!


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