UPS Man Delivereth Yesterday

Fabric came yesterday! I have to say that two of the fabrics are better than my expectations. Buying online is such a gamble really. The colors can vary somewhat from the description. I think we all have an idea of a certain color. I have my idea of what aqua or teal color looks like; when something arrives in that color, it is definitely a hit or miss compared to my idea of the color. I wish more of the fabric sites would use the Pantone color descriptions.

The two fabrics I am most excited about is the cotton sateen blue with white dots; the dots are clustered at the selvage/border edge. I am envisioning a lovely sheath style dress with the clustered dots at the hemline. The dupionette faux silk was another border print with different borders at each fabric edge. This is a lovely aqua and brown fabric with flowers in white. This aqua was what I consider to be aqua. I was really thrilled with this one as the monitor does not do this one justice at all. I will post photos later.

The other two fabrics are disappointing. One, which is a beige with white stripe suiting fabric, has an odd smell about it. The color and look are exactly what I thought I was getting. I am on the fence as to whether to send it back or to try washing it to see if the smell disappears. It is a polyester so washing could help or hurt. What would you do?

The other is a double knit, rather beefy one as well. The red is more blue red than I like. It is definitely a heavier double knit and not like the navy blue I purchased from them before. I have to think further about this one. Maybe keep it and use it in the fall.


  1. Good to know, I was considering the double knit since the price was much better than the Sophia, only I liked the green and the gray. I shy away from most reds since I like reds with more brown or even burgundy tones.

  2. Okay I'm a little confused. The box that came was it from Fabric Mart or Because it sounds like Fabric mart and that we both bought two of the same fabrics!

    I bought both of those border print fabrics because whenever i see them I snap them up. Then when we were in DressBarn last weekend, I saw a sheath dress made up in the dot fabric. It's definitely going to be a sheath dress soon!

    I also bought the silk/linen blends in navy and coral - they are AWESOME! You should get some of those!

  3. If it smells funny - ditch it. After you wash it, it will be harder to return and if you don't like it (or it's scent) you'll never be happy. Unless it smells like silk? Does it? Me? I'd keep the knit - my knit tastes change and what I'm not wild about today I could love tomorrow.
    I know what you mean about internet buying, though. Kind of a crap-shoot.

  4. I ordered that same sateen -- it arrives on Tuesday!!!


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