Glad it is Friday

I am so glad it is Friday! I plan to get in some sewing time this weekend. It appears that we will have one sunny day this weekend-Saturday; so I will take advantage of being out in the fresh spring air, though it is going to be a little cooler :-( for part of the day.

So Saturday may be a partial sewing day, then Sunday will give it more attention. Next week will be a short week for Easter. Plans to visit family in NC and Danville. In between I plan to get some dress and more blouse/top patterns cut out and sewn.

So many ideas and such limited time!


  1. TGIF, I so agree. I am hoping to sew tonight, it has been a busy week here. Why does it always turn cooler for the weekends? Have a great weekend.

  2. I have the same plans for weekend which is going to be rainy and cold here, so best conditions to do creative work. Lovely weekend!


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