McCall's Top 5977

Well I actually took a few moments to start on this top this evening. DH had to work late and I traveled to outlying facilities today so I spent a lot of time on the road today. So when I got home I heated the oven and put two Cornish hens on to bake.

I then decided to take a few moments and pinned in the darts. I then sewed them and had to stop to go work on the rest of the dinner. Mind you it was probably 10 minutes of time, but that is all I have been able to work into my life this week. I see the weekend coming up!!!!

Also I just realized Blogger has a new feature and you can add pages (up to 10) to your blog. I added a page called Patterns for Sale. (See right side upper link) I am continuing to spring clean my pattern stash. I have had these posted on Pattern Review. I have sold a few, so if interested drop me a note. I will be adding more.


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