Coral and gold knit fabric

I thought I had posted a photo of this fabric and perhaps I did but I can't find the post of it. So here it is again or for the first time.

The reason I am posting about it as after it arrived, I was not thrilled about it. It was just not what I thought it would be. The other day I was in Belk's, a somewhat regional department store, and saw a Maggie London dress out of this very same fabric. It was a v-neck, cross over, empire style dress. After seeing this dress, it helped give me a different perspective of the potential for this fabric.
So maybe it might become something yet.
I am not sure what I want to sew next. I have several dresses that I want to make and of course I have the Senscha blouse pattern that I want to make up as well. Tomorrow I am sure I will know.


  1. It is a cool-looking print. Just hard to tell about the colors--it looks more red and brown in this pic than coral and gold! But I hope you come up with something fun to do with it. :)

  2. That fabric is very pretty and see it as a wrap dress. I *love* Maggie London's patterns


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