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I recently acquired a few more pieces of fabric to add to my collection. I just got around to taking photos. Since I can't seem to move onto my next project at least I can post about sewing or lack there of.

This is mohair/wool blend from Fabric Mart. I am thinking a cape.

This is two knit fabrics from EOS-a buttermilk knit and a Chico's knit boucle.

These two pieces came from Nancy's Notions-yellow wool and a celery green soft silk fabric.

More later.


I was recently tagged by Tracey at Praised Garments. So here are a list of 7 things you may not know about me.

1-I was married once before(briefly). I got married on Halloween. For two weeks it was a "treat" and then it became a "trick". I have been married to my second husband for 34+ years.

2. I attended one year of college after graduating and then dropped out to become a "hippy". I laugh about this now, it was hard to be a hippy in a small town that was and is three to five years behind everyone else. When I met my DH, he persuaded me to go back to school as he was going to college under the GI Bill. So I did. I have a degree in Social Work and several hours toward my MBA. I will never get that MBA.

3. I have lived in several states and this was due to my job and my choice. I left Virginia in 1981, moved to Corpus Christi, TX where I lived for 8 years. I moved to Santa Rosa, CA and lived there two years, then move to Lakeland, FL where I lived for 9 year…

Quality vs Quantity

My DH is my best and worst critic, depending on how I want to look at it.

Last night I was in my sewing room (yeah!) and he was looking at the dress I just completed. He loves the fabric. You have to know that I am truly amazed that he does as he is so conservative that I think he would have said-"faux skin what are you thinking?" Maybe it is just so subtle that it fits his conservative nature.

He kept looking at it and was impressed as to how I sewed the lining and it looks so RTW. He then said you know what you make looks like quality because you are not rushing to get it made as if you had a time line to complete something. I think you do better when you are not trying to speed things along but taking your time. I took that as a compliment.

And it so true for me. I am always amazed at how much sewing many of you are able to complete. I then think that I should be doing as much. REALITY CHECK: We all have different lives, different pressures-work, family, other acti…

Thank you!

I wanted to thank all of you for your compliments about my dress and jacket. I have to admit I am ready to move on to something else. Dress is hemmed and ready to wear. The jacket still needs the buttonholes and buttons attached.

Many of you asked about the fabric. One the color is really a dark taupe/light brown; however when the light from the flash is used it may make the fabric look grayish. On the wrong side, it looks much more like brown.

As to the fabric type???????????? It looks like a linen from the wrong side but from the right side, it has a reptile/snake skin look. I think that it is a cotton-polyester blend of some sort. I have not tried a burn test. It does not wrinkle excessively like linen or some cottons.

I purchased the fabric earlier this year from a fabric store in Floyd, VA. It is called Schoolhouse Fabrics. It was a former schoolhouse. It has three floors of fabrics, ranging from home dec., to quilting to apparel fabrics. They also have numerous notio…

Dress is almost complete

I took a few photos to show the almost completed dress with and without the jacket.

I had some real fitting issues with this dress. I think most were of my own making. It could be that the dress runs large. I thought I needed to add to the back on this dress and really did not need to do this. I ended up using 3/4 to 1 inch seam allowances. I am okay with the fit right now but it still feels a little large in the shoulders and under the arms.

This is the dress pattern-Vogue 8319. The drawing makes the dress appear to be tapered. It is not. Mine is now. It was very straight down from the waist/hip area. I ended up taking an additional 1/2 expanding to 1 inch seam allowance from waist to hemline. This improved the look of the dress on me and was more of what I thought it was going to look like.

The shoulder is extended as it looks in the pattern drawing. I think I could have cut mine about 1/4 to 3/8 shorter.

I only have to hem the dress and the lining and attached the lining …

Thinking about sewing

As I noted last night I am not getting much sewing done but I have been busy creating in my mind. Lord knows enough emails coming my way to tempt me to buy more fabric. Speaking of which I did get some fabric from EOS earlier this week. I need to take some photos of it to share with you. Both pieces were knits. Linda has great knit fabrics.

When I visit those fabric sites, my mind starts clicking on the all the possibilities of what I could do with this or that fabric. Looking at some of the Nordstrom, J Jill and Macy's catalogs and mailers, are so inspirational.

Our ASG has a Christmas party with fashion show annually, so I am contemplating participating in this. Though it also creates a stress for me but it is of the creative kind. I just want to be able to complete the project.

Got to go and get dressed for work now. TGIF!

I am not sewing!

I can't seem to get into my sewing room of late. My dress is almost finished. I had to take deeper darts in the back. For some reason I thought I needed to add some fullness to the upper back. I added a little too much.

I took up the back darts about 1/2 inch from arm hold to hip. This helped the fit considerably. I will be taking deeper side seams as they 5/8 is not enough. Obviously I need to remeasure myself. I have gone down a size to a size and 1/2 in some RTW pants and skirts. I am pleased that I am toning down but need to definitely rethink when determining size to cut. This is the second item I have had to take in.

My work week has been such that has not left me with much sewing time and have not been home for lunch this week to do any 5-10 minute sewing.

Saturday we will be going to Danville to visit family so I am back to just sewing on Sunday this week. So many ideas and no sewing time!

Sewing Notion

For sometime now I have been searching for a Dritz Bound Buttonhole Maker. I can't remember the first time I read about this item. I then was reading Dawn's blog-The Secret Pocket. I read and saw photos of the bound buttonholes she made using this tool.

I have searched on Ebay and found one but auction was over! So I continued to search at least weekly.

This past Thursday, our ASG met and we had an Auction. We actually had a real auctioneer which actually made it more fun! One item that I bid on and won was a Hefty bag filled with several sewing notions-point turners-3; snippers-2; two rulers with marked 1/4, 3/8,1/2,5/8,7/8 and 1 inch slots for ease of marking; invisible zipper foot and a bound buttonhole maker. When they read off what was in the bag and I heard bound buttonhole maker my flash card with number was flashing away. I won the bid for $12! When I opened the bag and saw that it was the exact bound buttonhole maker I had been searching for I could have dance…

Sewing Furniture

I took the plunge and purchased a Horn of America Sewing table, Model 2136. I love it!

The only assembly required is inserting the casters on the bottom of the cabinet. I had to adjust the flat-bed level which required loosening a bolt and moving it down. Now all is level and the plastic insert which is made to fit your specific machine model fits like a charm.

It has been such a pleasure sewing with this today. All fabric lays flat and I think my machine sounds quieter now.

Go here to take a look.

Appezza Taupe2

Appezza Taupe2
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl Another view of the shoes. Again a lower heel.

Appezza Taupe

Appezza Taupe
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl This is the other pair I purchased, ON SALE! I love sales. These are a taupe suede with green, taupe and teal appliques. Love them but not sure what I have to go with them at this time. No fear, I will make something.

MeToo Gray2

MeToo Gray2
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl I forgot to post photos of the shoes I purchased during my vacation. I found a gray pair of shoes at a local store called the Cobbler's Wife. They carry a great range of styles, colors. Limited on the narrow sizes however. These are gray suede with dark gray patent leather trim. Heel about 21/2 inches. My comfort level.

Sewing machine furniture

I have been using my sewing table for 20 years, + or -. It was a very inexpensive (cheap) table that I purchased when I starting sewing again after a few years hiatus. I purchased it from a Singer dealer in early '80's and have used it ever since. I was living in Texas at the time of purchase. This table has moved to California, Florida, Pennsylvania and now Virgina.

I decided earlier this week when I purchased the Free Motion Fabric Mover that I really needed a larger table. I need more room to the left of the machine to keep fabric from falling off the edge when sewing and when I use the embroidery part of my machine. Thus after going to JoAnn's I went to a local Janome/Bernina dealer to get more information about a sewing machine table.

I have to say I was stunned by the price. The tables are nice and meet my need for my small sewing room. But gees, over $500. The up side of this is that you can add on to the table with various other modules. I could then add o…

Saturday sewing

I went shopping this afternoon at JoAnn's. They were having a sale on Vogue and McCall's pattern. (Like I don't have a gazillion now) I purchased two Vogue patterns for $3.99. I really did not have any McCall's patterns that I just had to have. I do have a list of Simplicity patterns.

I also found BUTTONS! for my jacket. Actually I found two potential sets so purchased them both. One set was very much like the ones in my stash that I wanted to use but did not have enough of. The other was a very distinctive button with unusual center; this was a shank style button. After returning home, I laid the buttons on the jacket front and decided to go with the buttons like the one in my stash.

Tomorrow is DH's birthday so took him out to dinner this evening. After returning I started sewing up my dress. It is a sheath style dress so hopefully it will not take long to make it.

Still contemplating my next garment to make. I have a knit top cut out and ready to sew. …

Sewing for today-Oct 4

I was able to get some personal sewing time in this AM. DH went out on the motorcycle for a couple of hours. I began the pin fitting process for the dress, making a few adjustments. Tomorrow we have plans to attend a motorcycle rally here in the "valley". May find a few moments tomorrow night to cut out the dress fabric and lining.

I got sidetracked this AM from working on the dress pattern as I wanted to play with a new sewing toy. I purchased the Free Motion Fabric Mover for my sewing machine. I spent some time learning how to move the fabric mover and control the free motion stitches. I will say that the fabric mover makes the free motion stitching a little less stressful. Still a learning curve to do this. I did not break any needles as I usually do with free motion stitching.

I am also trying to plan my next sewing projects that will follow my dress. I am thinking skirt, jacket and top or blouse. I still have another dress that I want to make with another cropp…

Buttons, buttons, whose got the buttons?

The jacket is complete except for the buttons. I have a pair of buttons that would work but I need three of 7/8 or 1 inch buttons, not two. Plus I need 2 of 3/4 inch buttons for the back tab. Of course the only local stores with buttons are JoAnn's and Wal-Mart. I have not had a chance yet to check them out. I use to buy buttons at Hancock's and now they are no longer here. I have not always had great success with JoAnn's or Wal-Mart.

The thought of trying to match buttons online does not thrill me as I believe it will be difficult to match the fabric as usually colors look different on the monitor. Yet that may be the final step.

I wish when I visited Mary Jo's in Gastonia that I had a swatch of this fabric with me. I did purchase some buttons but none really work with the jacket. I know this sounds whiny! If all else fails, self covered buttons may be my only answer.

Dress is up next

I am going to make this dress to go with the jacket. I have to do the pin fitting and such to start on it. I am making the dress from the same fabric as the jacket. Yes, I know rather "matchy, matchy" but that was my intent.

Stay tuned.

Sewing progress-almost done!

First and foremost I am on vacation. My plans for sewing ALL DAY yesterday got some detours along the way. First, I bought a satellite radio on Saturday, had it installed on Sunday. Worked great on the way home and on side trips before getting home. Sunday evening kept trying to acquire a signal. First thing Monday AM went back to installer, learned the problem was radio. Went to Best Buy got them to exchange the radio, plugged it in and worked great. Hopefully today it will work.

Refrigerator was leaking, ice maker had froze up. Appliance repair person unfroze. Started leaking again, yesterday new valve installed. Solved that problem but think I have another one.

So in between this I worked diligently on my jacket. I am happy to report that it is almost done. What's left to do is finish the back hem facing; attach band and buttons; make button holes and attach buttons. The issue is buttons. I don't have enough of a certain button to use from my stash. The only place to buy butt…


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