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I have been using my sewing table for 20 years, + or -. It was a very inexpensive (cheap) table that I purchased when I starting sewing again after a few years hiatus. I purchased it from a Singer dealer in early '80's and have used it ever since. I was living in Texas at the time of purchase. This table has moved to California, Florida, Pennsylvania and now Virgina.

I decided earlier this week when I purchased the Free Motion Fabric Mover that I really needed a larger table. I need more room to the left of the machine to keep fabric from falling off the edge when sewing and when I use the embroidery part of my machine. Thus after going to JoAnn's I went to a local Janome/Bernina dealer to get more information about a sewing machine table.

I have to say I was stunned by the price. The tables are nice and meet my need for my small sewing room. But gees, over $500. The up side of this is that you can add on to the table with various other modules. I could then add onto this furniture piece to accommodate my serger as well as having more drawer space. That is appealing in that I am sure I will move to one more house before I never ever move again.

I am continuing to investigate furniture options. If you are reading this and know of a good source for sewing furniture, please leave me a comment.


  1. IKEA! You can mix/match table-tops and legs. Affordable and attractive. Enjoy!

  2. When I updated my sewing equipment a few years ago, my DH gave me the Horn 2078 cabinet. My sewing space is less than 5ft x 3ft and this fits perfectly with a serger shelf all in one. I have plenty of drawer space and table top space as the cabinet can be expanded. It was pricey but looks beautiful in my living (family/sewing) room.

  3. Watch for the shipping policy - most LTL carriers won't be liable for damage, yet don't want to hang around long enough for you to take it off the truck (and yes, you have to get it off of there yourself), haul it in and inspect it before signing.
    Koala dealers usually make you get white glove delivery which is alot more $ but it solves that problem. However, there is more damage w/Koala as it comes all the way from Australia.
    I'm not very impressed with the more affordable ones, like Arrow. I've seen that one in person and didn't like it. Horn is very good quality. If I take the plunge, I'm lucky enough to be able to have it delivered to a business address at a warehouse, where a forklift driver can off load and we can inspect it quickly. And, if you can have it delivered to a business, sometimes that is free.

  4. I got a Horn Quilter's Dream cabinet for Christmas last year. It's big and probably overkill on my part, but I love, love, love having a flat surface to sew on. The insert can be removed for the free arm or the whole machine raised up for embroidery. This whole setup is so much nicer than sewing what I call "uphill" on a regular desk or table. Of course, I am old enough to remember when all sewing machines were in cabinets. The first time I sewed with this new cabinet it was like "ah yes, this is sewing like a dream!"

    I bought my table from Sew Vac Direct and had no problems. The delivery man had a lift on his truck, took it off the truck with the lift and even helped us unpack the table since one corner of the box was a bit crushed. Everything was just fine.

    The best part of my table is that I can completely lower the machine, put in the furniture insert, cover it with a plastic tablecloth, and then I and a friend use the top for decorative painting projects. The worst part of the table is that it was expensive, but I'd definitely vote for a sewing table with a lift for sewing.


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