Thinking about sewing

As I noted last night I am not getting much sewing done but I have been busy creating in my mind. Lord knows enough emails coming my way to tempt me to buy more fabric. Speaking of which I did get some fabric from EOS earlier this week. I need to take some photos of it to share with you. Both pieces were knits. Linda has great knit fabrics.

When I visit those fabric sites, my mind starts clicking on the all the possibilities of what I could do with this or that fabric. Looking at some of the Nordstrom, J Jill and Macy's catalogs and mailers, are so inspirational.

Our ASG has a Christmas party with fashion show annually, so I am contemplating participating in this. Though it also creates a stress for me but it is of the creative kind. I just want to be able to complete the project.

Got to go and get dressed for work now. TGIF!


  1. I hear you on this one!
    A deadline helps so much, when trying to finish things.
    My real nemesis is starting something right at the end of a season (say, a summer dress on the last sunny weekend of the year...), and then it just sits there, since I'm completely uninspired to finish it if I can't wear it, and by the time the season comes round again, I'm bored of it and want to make something else!

  2. This is the time to start working on your Christmas outfit and Christmas gifts. If one waits too much later, it won't be done in time. Hopefully, you will get inspiration to "kick in high gear" with a lovely piece of new fabric.


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