Quality vs Quantity

My DH is my best and worst critic, depending on how I want to look at it.

Last night I was in my sewing room (yeah!) and he was looking at the dress I just completed. He loves the fabric. You have to know that I am truly amazed that he does as he is so conservative that I think he would have said-"faux skin what are you thinking?" Maybe it is just so subtle that it fits his conservative nature.

He kept looking at it and was impressed as to how I sewed the lining and it looks so RTW. He then said you know what you make looks like quality because you are not rushing to get it made as if you had a time line to complete something. I think you do better when you are not trying to speed things along but taking your time. I took that as a compliment.

And it so true for me. I am always amazed at how much sewing many of you are able to complete. I then think that I should be doing as much. REALITY CHECK: We all have different lives, different pressures-work, family, other activities, sports-------. We all have different sewing levels and different projects requiring a lot of time or hardly any at all.

As I was making the dress and jacket I kept reflecting on my sewing skills and how far I have come. I am truly focused on good fit and thus taking time to fit during the sewing process. I no longer can cut and make a pattern straight out of the pattern envelope. Having recognized this, it takes time to get the pattern right with the intent of getting the garment right also.

Thanks DH for the compliment!


  1. I Think that was a wonderful compliment!! It's so nice when they stop and notice lolz

  2. It's a great compliment, the best he could have made you. And he's right, because both the dress and the jacket look gorgeous!
    I couldn't agree with you more about "different lives, different pressures, sewing levels" etc. For me, it was never about how much I sew (although I would love to have tons of new clothes) but mostly about how good I sew (I'm totally manic about details and getting everything close to perfection if possible) and how much pleasure or fulfillment it brings to me. After all, sewing is a hobby or a passion for most of us and not a commercial activity.

  3. I totally agree with Andrienne and Laura, that was a wonderful compliment. I am faced with the same challenges. My body is changing and the pattern straight out of the envelope do not fit. I always have to tweek one thing or another; it takes me a long time. As far as quantity, there is not enough hours in the day for me to include as much sewing as I would like. Work, cleaning, cooking, life consume much of my day, then I'm tried. Like you, sewing is a wonderful hobby/passion for me. Continue to create beautiful, quality garments at your own pace! Happy sewing, Cennetta

  4. This is so true! Your husband sounds wonderful, understanding and loving.

  5. Everything is said, your husband made you a great compliment. And sewing is really not about how much you accomplish in a certain amount of time, but about the love you put into making a garment especially for yourself (or for someone else for that matter).

  6. True, true, true! Your DH is a wise man. I much prefer to take my time and make something really, really well. It drives me crazy when someone just kind of slaps things together and ends up with a hot mess. Why bother? You can get it faster at Target. Cynthia Guffey has a great saying, "It's your hobby. What's your hurry?" In my case it isn't always hobby, but I try not to rush.

  7. Good post. Thanks for reminding me that there is no hurry. Our goal is to make beautiful garments and enjoy the process along the way.

  8. I absolutely encourage you to keep focusing on quality instead of quantity. I would rather have one well-made, well-fitting garment than ten ill-fitting ones.


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