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Work and sewing

These two do not necessarily go together. My week has been a little crazy with work related issues taking front and center. By the time I get home I have no energy left, it is all used up at work.

I only have a few more stitches to make to finish my dress. Summer will be over before I wear it! Well labor day will have come and gone. But I still may wear white shoes with it and if not, black will work also. I am sure that the heat will not go away just because labor day has come and gone by the time I can wear the dress.

Which leads to finishing the other dress that I have not started except to get the bodice pieces fit. I am still going to finish my fitting project. It is hard for me to put those things aside too long. Besides I really want to tackle this.

Sounding like a 'rambling rose'. Time to go dry my hair, put on my face and get going to work!

Actual sewing took place this weekend

I started on the Simplicity 3775 dress that I made before. I had to tweak this one a little more due to the difference in the knit used for this one. This knit is a little thinner/ lighter in weight than the earlier version I made. It also stretches more in length than the other knit fabric as well. I ended up taking an additional 3/8 seam through the shoulder. I also had to take a deeper seam at the center back of the bodice and midriff. Even though I adjusted the back midriff for sway back with the lengthwise stretch of this knit, I still had too much fullness in the center back creating folds in the fabric in the middle of the back at the waist. The best way for me to remedy this was to take a deeper seam in the upper back between bodice and midriff. I started the seam toward the side and then took a deeper seam in the center area tapering back to the original seam near the opposite side. This worked in pulling out some of the back length and eliminated the horizontal folds.
I am us…

Recent pattern purchases

Here are a few of my recent pattern purchases. They have been acquired over the past month or so.

I have the perfect jacket fabric for this one but I am searching high and low to find the right black fabric for the dress. I ordered some tencel fabric from Sewing Studio recently as part of their recent summer ending sale. It was listed as black. What I got was navy blue. But I liked the navy blue so well and it was a great price, so I decided to keep it.

This one I purchased over a month ago. It looks summerish and it may end up being next year but I am hoping I can capture a summer into fall look with it.

This one caught my eye as soon as I saw it. Little did I know at the time that it was going to be such a big hit as a result of the ode to this pattern in the current Sew Stylish Magazine. They have created some really great garments with variations of the skirt, the jacket and the pants. After reading Carolyn's comments on her blog about how inspiring this issue of the magazine was…

Simplicity 3774

I am making progress finally on the fitting of this pattern using a new method. I screwed up the front bodice piece my first attempt and purchased another copy of the pattern to have a usable front bodice again. I redid the back and front bodice working on both yesterday and today in between other issues.

I am please with the results of the bodice pieces and will pin fit them later to see if there is anything wacky. This is my usual method of fitting patterns, pin fitting then determining adjustments needed then, making the fit adjustments, re pin and adjust more if necessary.

I like learning new things so this is appealing to me. I have yet to sew a stitch in my other dress that is sitting on the side lines waiting for attention. I have threaded the serger and all is ready to go, except me. My thoughts are now that I will sew some tomorrow and then go back to the fitting of the other later.

No Sewing Here

I have not sewn since over a week ago.

My old computer needed to be replaced and I spent all weekend reloading software. What a time consuming project that is. I am one of those folks that when I start something like this I can't let it go and keep on keeping on. Until I am just forced to stop, like fixing dinner so we can eat; or having to give my hand and shoulder a rest from being at the computer hours on end.

I have about three more programs to reload. Fortunately the hard drive on old computer did not die and Firedog folks were able to transfer all of My Documents-docs,excel,photos etc. over to the new computer. So not all was lost.

I am taking two vacation days at the end of this week so will definitely begin sewing one of the dresses currently cut out and waiting to be sewn. The serger and sewing machine are threaded and ready to go.

I am still working on using my sloper to adjust the pattern for the other dress. I am finding I am enjoying that process, it is like workin…

Drum Roll!!!!!

Writing this blog with my new computer!!!!

I hate having to reinstall so much. I did back up some things-just not enough. I know I should do better with the backup stuff, I mean this is my fourth computer in 18 years. One crashed three times-this was one with the notorious ME operating system.

Well this has VISTA. So far so good! I really like the way it operates. Some differences from XP but nothing major. It does seems faster but that could be because I still have quite a few things to put back on. Please wish me good luck with that endeavor also.

No sewing here as you can see why. I do have a my favorite dress pattern cut out and serger set up. I am still fitting the other dress using Lynda M's fitting method. I am beginning to get the hang of that.

Good news is that I am taking two vacation days the latter part of next week---so hopefully there will be some sewing going on then.

Computers-Can't live without and nor can we live with them!

My great computer of 6+ years has been slowly deteriorating over the past several months. First it was a power supply replacement, then a new monitor. Yesterday the video card went and from looking inside the thing it is about to blow some gasket!

So tomorrow my new computer arrives and will have the new Vista program that I have heard mixed comments about. Unless I special order from some computer company you can't buy off the shelf with the "old" Windows XP.

Personally I never had problems with XP and I just hope Vista will not be a heartache. Buying the computer was a heartache. It will be a headache also having to reload numerous programs. My files and data will be transferred to new one it is the program stuff that is a concern. Plus I have numerous programs that I downloaded directly from websites. This is giving me anxiety!!!!

This morning I am using my work laptop to check emails and to write here. Hopefully all will go better than I think and then maybe not.

Worlds of Difference

I just read responses to my last post!

Obviously there is a world of difference in meaning for "shagging"!

Here in the USA a popular dance to "beach music" is the shag. I never thought once about what it meant elsewhere. Didn't think about Austin Powers and his shaggilious gal pals.

Trust what you see in the picture, the couple are dancing by doing the shag on the beach. This is too funny!!! I certainly don't mean to offend anyone nor make this blog any more than a sewing related one.

New Image

I changed the image at the top of the page. I know it has nothing to do with sewing. But I love the beach and have not gotten to go to a beach in sometime! The beach is peaceful to me. I can smell the saltwater smell and can hear the seagulls!
What a lovely vision. I don't really shag but I do love to see others who do.

Enjoy my little piece of heaven!

Projects on the table.

Danvillegirl Sewing Diary: Did I tell you that I love this dress?

Remember this dress linked above? I am making it again. This time though I am using the cap sleeve and the looped belt treatment instead of the ruching. I debated using the ruching again as I do like that look. But decided I wanted to try the other alternative. I am using fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics that I purchased soon after she started her site.

I have made a dress and a knit top from two of her fabrics. I have sent photos but they don't get posted on her gallery section. Perhaps it is the photos.

I am happy that the pattern adjustments were already done with the previous dress, so all I had to do was cut this out. The other happy thing is that I have fabric left over to make a knotknit top of some sort. This is a black and white knit with the white being circles on black background.

I am also making fitting adjustments with another Simplicity pattern to make another black with white polka dots sleeveless dress. Thi…

What I learned and what I need to know about slopers for fitting.

I wanted to comment on my experience with "De-Mystifying Fit" method of fitting patterns. I used this on the t-shirt pattern. Based on comments at PR, this pattern was said to run big. It does. It runs big compared to the Big 4. Since independent pattern makers are not part of that group their measurements are based on their preference or their frame of reference.

What I learned using my sloper with this pattern:
Pattern is big compared to my sloper.I need to mark 1/4, 3/8 seam allowance on my sloper to have a better frame of reference to the pattern that I am working on. This pattern uses 1/4 seam allowances, my sloper was at 5/8.Even with variance in seam allowances I recognized that the pattern was large with first overlay of sloper.I traced the pattern I thought should fit me and then used sloper. It may be best to lay sloper over the original pattern that had multiple sizes to determine what size you should be tracing first. Then trace that size and begin your ad…

Sewing today-8-11-07

Wow, I can't believe I have not posted anything this week! Yet, I can. I have had a busy week at work and seems like the evenings have been short once I get home. I only made it to CURVES once this week. Will get myself there sometime today. I did attend ASG meeting Thursday evening and nice to be amongst other sewing enthusiasts. I also purchased another gizmo to play with. Again many ideas of things to do and so little time.

I have been reading reviews at PR this AM. I have not read any one's blogs that I usually read during the week. I glimpsed my feeds at Bloglines and I have a lot I will want to read. That will be later.

DH is at driving school today so I will get in some personal sewing without interruption today. I have started on my Pamela's Pattern knit top. I will post my "fitting" results using the De-Mystifying technique of overlaying sloper on the pattern. I sewed the darts the other morning before going to work. Not much more to do. Whe…

Fitting Patterns

I am a huge fan of the fitting techniques found in the "Fit for Real People" book. I use many of them when cutting out new patterns. Yet I am always seeking more knowledge about fitting and open to trying new techniques that give good results.

A month or so ago, I read a book review at Pattern Review about a book on CD called "Demystifying Fit" by Lynda Maynard. In summary it is a book on using your sloper pattern as a guide to adjusting patterns to fit you. I have spent some time reviewing the CD and decided to try this method of fitting patterns.

Yesterday I decided to adjust a t-shirt pattern I recently purchased called Pamela's Pattern. Using the patterns suggestion for deciding size, I traced a medium through shoulders, arms tapering to large at under arm through bust to waist to hip. Per the CD, you take and trace your sloper pattern onto vinyl sheet. Vinyl thickness being similar to a shower curtain. I purchased a shower curtain liner in clear v…

I can't believe it's a jacket

Finally, the jacket is complete! It is hard to believe this is complete. When I sew a garment that I have not made before, I record information in a notebook as I sew along. This helps me to remember changes I made to fit the pattern or to change the design, etc. I looked at my notes and realized I started on this jacket in early/mid July. Life and the lack of desire to sew just hindered the progress. I somewhat lost interest in the jacket while sewing it also. But I was bound and determined to finish it today.

Here is one view of the jacket after I sewed on the buttons as the final step. Here is one more view. I like the jacket and think it will look nice with pants or a skirt. Not sure there is another one of these in the future or not. I am glad that the project is over. I am in the mood to make some knit tops. I have a stack of knit fabrics pulled out of the collection to begin.

My fabrics

Here are the fabrics I am waiting for from Fabric Mart.
I got the goldenrod suiting fabric in solid and in multi-
I also wanted to try a fabric that is a polyester, looks somewhat like linen and imported from Japan. It is a butterscotch yet looks similar to goldenrod. And then this one in green and teal.

Fabric Mart Sale

This has been a busy work week so have not spent much time at computer or in sewing room. Of course this AM reading emails I came across one from Fabric Mart. 50% Blowout sale plus an additional 15% off. Wow! How can one pass that up.

So I bought several items. Most are still summer time colors and fabric but a bargain is a bargain. Or if I can't sew let's buy some fabric anyway and think about what you are going to make.

For once this coming Saturday should not be a day where DH and I are running all over the place and I am already visualizing myself finishing the McCall jacket that has consumed way too much of my time!!!

Got to run, will try to post links or photos of my new fabric purchase that will be coming my way soon.


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