Drum Roll!!!!!

Writing this blog with my new computer!!!!

I hate having to reinstall so much. I did back up some things-just not enough. I know I should do better with the backup stuff, I mean this is my fourth computer in 18 years. One crashed three times-this was one with the notorious ME operating system.

Well this has VISTA. So far so good! I really like the way it operates. Some differences from XP but nothing major. It does seems faster but that could be because I still have quite a few things to put back on. Please wish me good luck with that endeavor also.

No sewing here as you can see why. I do have a my favorite dress pattern cut out and serger set up. I am still fitting the other dress using Lynda M's fitting method. I am beginning to get the hang of that.

Good news is that I am taking two vacation days the latter part of next week---so hopefully there will be some sewing going on then.


  1. Congratulations on the new computer! Love the new header! I laughed reading through your old posts about the meaning of shag. All I knew was a dance done to Motown hits. "Under the boardwalk..."


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