No Sewing Here

I have not sewn since over a week ago.

My old computer needed to be replaced and I spent all weekend reloading software. What a time consuming project that is. I am one of those folks that when I start something like this I can't let it go and keep on keeping on. Until I am just forced to stop, like fixing dinner so we can eat; or having to give my hand and shoulder a rest from being at the computer hours on end.

I have about three more programs to reload. Fortunately the hard drive on old computer did not die and Firedog folks were able to transfer all of My Documents-docs,excel,photos etc. over to the new computer. So not all was lost.

I am taking two vacation days at the end of this week so will definitely begin sewing one of the dresses currently cut out and waiting to be sewn. The serger and sewing machine are threaded and ready to go.

I am still working on using my sloper to adjust the pattern for the other dress. I am finding I am enjoying that process, it is like working on a puzzle. Learning quite a bit as well.

All for now, got to get dress to go to work.


  1. Loving your sloper adventures, Linda. It makes me want to fish mine out from the closet where it's been hanging for the past two years while I explored commercial patterns. But first I've got to find some time to sew for me! Just bought the Sept Vogue and InStyle and am getting a bit of inspiration.

    You're so lucky you didn't lose all your docs! Computers take so much time and dedication. Congrats on the new one! May it live long and prosper


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