Computers-Can't live without and nor can we live with them!

My great computer of 6+ years has been slowly deteriorating over the past several months. First it was a power supply replacement, then a new monitor. Yesterday the video card went and from looking inside the thing it is about to blow some gasket!

So tomorrow my new computer arrives and will have the new Vista program that I have heard mixed comments about. Unless I special order from some computer company you can't buy off the shelf with the "old" Windows XP.

Personally I never had problems with XP and I just hope Vista will not be a heartache. Buying the computer was a heartache. It will be a headache also having to reload numerous programs. My files and data will be transferred to new one it is the program stuff that is a concern. Plus I have numerous programs that I downloaded directly from websites. This is giving me anxiety!!!!

This morning I am using my work laptop to check emails and to write here. Hopefully all will go better than I think and then maybe not.


  1. I hear you about the computer thing! I too have heard negative things about Vista. I'll have to check it out before I buy another computer. But we are seriously considering switching to Apple when we replace our computers. Good luck, I can't wait to see what your experience will be because it will help me make that important decision too.

  2. Last year my PC died and I got an iMac on a whim. Computers are such an investment but it's a world of difference when you have a quicker, faster, better model.

  3. How funny re: the Shag comment. I knew of the other meaning... but the first thing that came into my head was carpet!
    I hope the computer switch goes well for you. I just made a switch here at work recently, but not to Vista.
    We're looking at a new one for home within the next year as well. But I think we're leaning towards a Mac. DH is an artist and the graphics capability is so much better in Macs. Although so much software prefers the PC.

    Boy, your title says it all!


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