Worlds of Difference

I just read responses to my last post!

Obviously there is a world of difference in meaning for "shagging"!

Here in the USA a popular dance to "beach music" is the shag. I never thought once about what it meant elsewhere. Didn't think about Austin Powers and his shaggilious gal pals.

Trust what you see in the picture, the couple are dancing by doing the shag on the beach. This is too funny!!! I certainly don't mean to offend anyone nor make this blog any more than a sewing related one.


  1. LOL!! No offense here,just very funny. I remember Rod Stewart doing an interview on Oprah and mentioned the word shagging and then getting all embarrassed and apologized for saying it on the air. The audience, Oprah and myself had no clue what he just said. Too funny. I did not know that there was a dance to do on the beach either. I'll have to do the shag "dance" with my DH the next time I get to a beach. I'll need music of course.


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