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I changed the image at the top of the page. I know it has nothing to do with sewing. But I love the beach and have not gotten to go to a beach in sometime! The beach is peaceful to me. I can smell the saltwater smell and can hear the seagulls!
What a lovely vision. I don't really shag but I do love to see others who do.

Enjoy my little piece of heaven!


  1. I love your new image. I have to laugh. My DD listens to a lot of Eddie Izzard and well.... you do what "shagging" means in England, right? I don't know what it means here in the US to shag on the surf. I'm curious though to find out.

  2. Me too (re previous comment)! In Australia to shag means to well you know, and we don't usually do it at the beach! lol. Nice picture!


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