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Danvillegirl Sewing Diary: Did I tell you that I love this dress?

Remember this dress linked above? I am making it again. This time though I am using the cap sleeve and the looped belt treatment instead of the ruching. I debated using the ruching again as I do like that look. But decided I wanted to try the other alternative. I am using fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics that I purchased soon after she started her site.

I have made a dress and a knit top from two of her fabrics. I have sent photos but they don't get posted on her gallery section. Perhaps it is the photos.

I am happy that the pattern adjustments were already done with the previous dress, so all I had to do was cut this out. The other happy thing is that I have fabric left over to make a knotknit top of some sort. This is a black and white knit with the white being circles on black background.

I am also making fitting adjustments with another Simplicity pattern to make another black with white polka dots sleeveless dress. This is fabric I purchased from JoAnn Fabrics during one of their sales earlier this summer. I am making the sleeveless version with the straight skirt. It has been so hot here this past week, that I don't care that my upper arms are not Janet Jackson sculpted anymore. I want comfort and that is spelled "sleeveless".


  1. I love that Simplcity dress on you, too. In fact, your version inspired me to buy the pattern and make one. It's sitting on my cutting table, too, asking to be made up one more time while summer is here.
    Can't wait to see pics!

  2. I love both of the dresses you picked out. You are making your second 3775 and I have not even made my first yet. Seeing how it will get colder sooner up here than it will down there for you, I'll have to wait til next year. I don't care if it is in style enough. I like it, so I am making it. I can't wait to see your second version. Your first one is sooo cute.

  3. What fun to make a dress you know that you will LOVE! The floral dress looks great on you.


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