Actual sewing took place this weekend

I started on the Simplicity 3775 dress that I made before. I had to tweak this one a little more due to the difference in the knit used for this one. This knit is a little thinner/ lighter in weight than the earlier version I made. It also stretches more in length than the other knit fabric as well.
I ended up taking an additional 3/8 seam through the shoulder. I also had to take a deeper seam at the center back of the bodice and midriff. Even though I adjusted the back midriff for sway back with the lengthwise stretch of this knit, I still had too much fullness in the center back creating folds in the fabric in the middle of the back at the waist. The best way for me to remedy this was to take a deeper seam in the upper back between bodice and midriff. I started the seam toward the side and then took a deeper seam in the center area tapering back to the original seam near the opposite side. This worked in pulling out some of the back length and eliminated the horizontal folds.
I am using the cap sleeve for this dress and the sleeve for the sleeve hem is 5/8 inches. I thought it would make the sleeve shorter than I want. I then decided to use fold over black elastic to encase the hem area giving a nice contrast and no loss of length.

Here are a few shots of the fabric and stages of progress. I am almost finished with this dress making other adjustments needed found during the fitting process. I hope to complete it by sewing some tonight and tomorrow night.
Fabric purchased from Gorgeous Things.

Front view of dress with bodice and midriff attached. Front bands are basted to the side seams.

Back view with bodice, midriff and skirt all sewn together.


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