Sewing today-8-11-07

Wow, I can't believe I have not posted anything this week! Yet, I can. I have had a busy week at work and seems like the evenings have been short once I get home. I only made it to CURVES once this week. Will get myself there sometime today. I did attend ASG meeting Thursday evening and nice to be amongst other sewing enthusiasts. I also purchased another gizmo to play with. Again many ideas of things to do and so little time.

I have been reading reviews at PR this AM. I have not read any one's blogs that I usually read during the week. I glimpsed my feeds at Bloglines and I have a lot I will want to read. That will be later.

DH is at driving school today so I will get in some personal sewing without interruption today. I have started on my Pamela's Pattern knit top. I will post my "fitting" results using the De-Mystifying technique of overlaying sloper on the pattern. I sewed the darts the other morning before going to work. Not much more to do. When I placed that front piece on Alma Marie, my initial thought was this is still going to be big. Will see.

I also have been working on a tutorial on affixing sleeves using the bag a lining technique. Some people have asked me questions about how you do this. It can get confusing but once you master the technique, no more slip stitching the sleeves to the armhole, unless you really like to do that. I have to admit it is hard to put into words what I do and match it to the photos, but I thought it worthwhile to try and post something. I truly believe that I learn a lot about sewing methods from other bloggers and want this to be just a helpful guide.

Going to sewing room now. Later.


  1. Oh, I can so totally relate. I haven't been to the gym in a week. I'm not sure about today, either. Allergies are acting up and my eyes and nose are reacting! How annoying!

    I've bagged a lining before, and it's a great technique to have in the sewing arsenal. I look forward to your tutorial.

  2. Look forward to your tutorial. I've been planning to try that sometime. You may spur me on!!


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