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Sewing Blurb for Sunday 1/29/06

I completed the Twist Top in the buttermilk knit.

I then pinned fitted the Vogue jacket referenced in post below. I had to make my usual adjustments; forward shoulder, high round back, narrow back, shortened the sleeves by 1 1/2 inches. They were really long! Also had to do an FBA, adding 1 1/4 inch. I am always amazed at having to do this when pattern states on it that finished bust is 44. In pin fitting pattern, center front did not meet mine at all. This measurement should have been sufficient but wasn't when fitting. I believe Liana as well as another reviewer on PR indicated this jacket was a little on the small size.

I then adjusted KS 3339

I have some knit fabric purchased from a local fabric store in Radford called SewBiz. I made another KS top from it about 1 year ago. I have enough to make the v-neck, sleeveless top (View B) above. I think I will use a black ribbing as I have a lot of that in my stash and this knit has a black background with green, teal and yellow fl…

Wool Roving and planned use

I wanted to show some of my wool roving I received in the mail yesterday for use with the Babylock Embellisher. I am designing in my head what I plan to do with this. I want to make some sort of design and trying to determine how best to go about this. I want to use the design on the Vogue jacket pattern as well as the Swing Jacket pattern that goes with the booklet I purchased from Nancy's Notions along with DVD of the various designs using this pattern. Here is the Swing Jacket booklet.

Here are photos of some of the roving.

Here is the other jacket I am working on. Liana-Sew Intriguing blog and Friend of PR-recently reviewed this on her blog. I am making the jacket on the far left, in lime green cashmere wool that I too purchased from Wazoodle over a year ago. It was offered at such a great price I could not turn it down. I will line the pattern but will not add an interlining as Liana did. I really don't want it to be heavier, I like the lightness of it. It is similar fabric…

Twist Top 2

I completed the Twist Top. This knit was difficult to sew. Used bias tape to stabilize single layer edges-sleeve hem edges and bottom edges-to be able to serge and then hem with sewing machine. Love the feel of this fabric. Very soft, wrong side sort of satin like. I will revisit this pattern again as I plan more of my spring sewing.

Here is photo of completed top.

Saturday, Saturday, ...........

I have that tune in my head about Saturday, Saturday night's allright, or something like that.

Last night, after meeting DH for dinner and going to Barnes and Noble to get Stephen King's new book, I then went to my sewing room upon arrival home. It was so nice to be in there again.
I serged the edges of the sleeves and hem of my KS Twist Top, then serged the side seams. Then I had a phone call that interupted my brief sewing time.

The electricans had been to the house yesterday and we had a problem with some electrical items in the master bathroom so they had to return this morning to fix. Before they arrived I went to CURVES. After electricians left, I took my shower and then went and did my grocery shopping for the week. Plus ran some errands for my DH, one too many. He had to go into work so I was glad to help out but......

Before hitting the grocery store and Walmart, I went to Hancock fabrics and took advantage of the 75% off on Vogue patterns. When all is said and done, Vogu…

A little sewing

I had to come home early from work today to meet the "Cable Guy". While waiting for him, I took time to sew thus continuing to complete my KS Twist Top. For a simple to make top that if you had no interuptions you could complete in 30-45 minutes of straight sewing, this is becoming a drawn out project. I serged the sleeves to the front and back pieces. At that point, the cable guy arrived and spent 45 minutes correcting the cable problem with TV.

Only sewing left is to sew side seams, serge sleeve and hem edges, topstitch and viola! new top.

My next top using the other buttermilk knit shown in previous post I am leaning toward a raglan sleeve top, possibly using black for sleeves and the body a print. If not that, then perhaps a cross over top. I have several of those patterns as shown below:

Latest project

I still have my KS Twist Top to complete. Have not been able to sew much during the week due to other time commitments. Here is a photo of the fabric I am using. I addressed some issues with this buttermilk knit in my post on not all buttermilk knits are equal. There is a big difference with this knit and the one depicted below. This one feels more "buttery" and has more drape. Both are great knits.

Here is another buttermilk knit I plan to sew up soon. I am not sure what top I want to make yet. Sorry, for the blurry photo. Camera and me were not getting along well when taken.

Woodstock not so Groovy!

I completed the Woodstock Tunic by Hot Patterns. Not the outcome I wanted. I am not having good success with size for this pattern line. I have used Glamour Girl size for all that I have made and though bust size is somewhat okay, shoulders and chest are way to large.

Pattern adjustments made with this tunic was narrowing the front and back shoulders, which I think I over adjusted. Reduce the bust depth was too long and perhaps could have lowered 1/2 inch. Sleeves drafted too tight on this, thus ended up taking 3/8 seams instead of the called for 5/8.

Fabric was horrible to sew. Dulled needles quickly. Fabric was a knited faux suede from Hancock's. I will probably wear around the house or perhaps give to my favorite charity, Goodwill Industries. Here are photos of the tunic, with one being a close up of the decorative neck facing. A more detailed review of this pattern can be found on Pattern Review. You can go to sidebar on this blog and click on My Pattern Reviews for the review o…

Not all buttermilk knits are created equal

I am working on another KS Twist Top using a buttermilk knit from my stash, purchased over a year ago from one of my favorite fabric sites for knits, EOS.

I will post photos of fabric and top later. This particular buttermilk knit came in geometric shapes of pink/green/white as well as coral/green/white. I bought some of both. I made the coral/green/white top using a KS pattern that was high neck tank. After making FBA and such the top ended up rather wide through waist and hips. I also attempted to use a fusible thread in lower looper of serger, creating an easy way to turn up hem, iron base fusible thread, then hem using sewing machine. The fusible thread proved to be too "strong", "harsh" for this buttermilk knit and thus one could see the fused thread and this will not disappear. Someone on Pattern Review advised of this when I posted a tip on using fusible thread in lower looper. It was good advice. So test, test, test.

I decided to make the twist top us…

Foot Sold

I have sold the Open Toe Stippling Foot via Pattern Review

There is a classified ad section on that site. One can sell patterns, fabric, books, sewing feet and more. Glad my extra foot has found a home.

Thinking about sewing

I recently looked through and read (not thoroughly) the book What Not To Wear by Trinny and Susannah. I happened to record a week's worth of Oprah and on one of those days, T&S were on her program. They showed several women made over. All looked great and some were truly WOW's. Thus I went out and checked out the book from the library before deciding to buy or not.

As a result I have decided that I need to make some fashion changes. Some of their recommendations for a full busted women appealed to me. I must add here, I never would have thought when I was in my teens and twenties/thirties that I would call myself full busted. Now that I have them, on my own, I also have the full waist and hips to go with them. Today I turn 55 so perhaps I reflecting on the then and now. But I am getting off topic on to another.

One recommendation for full busted women is wrap or surplice tops. With that in mind, yesterday I pulled out a top I made by Stretch and Sew about three years ago and…

Sewing Progression-1/16/06

Here is a picture of the KS Twist Top, completed yesterday.
I am ready to make a few more of these. I made a fitting adjustment to the pattern back. It was a little snug, so decided to do a broad back adjustment instead of redrafting the entire back. I also made note to add 1/4 inch to sides of front and back when cutting out next tops. I think that will give me a smooch more room without having to redo the pattern. I am happy with the outcome of this top.

I am progressing on the Hot Pattern Woodstock Tunic. I am having a bear of a time with the fabric. It is the faux suede, a sueded knit type. Had a hard time determining the best needle to use. Ended up using a Stretch 12. I have mixed feelings about the pattern. Perhaps it is the style. Fitting adjustments were good, perhaps took too much off shoulders. Top stitching the facings to the outside of the top was difficult. Mainly due to the fabric and keeping it flat and even. May have to redo one side. I think this will be a knock aroun…

P&S T-Sold

I was able to sell the P&S T pattern by Hot Patterns. The buyer is like many of us trying to determine the best size to try in this pattern line. I really like the creative offerings from this line.

I am currently working on the Woodstock Tunic. I had to make several fit adjustments when I pin fitted the pattern. Hopefully they will be all that is needed. We will see. Here is a photo of this top.

Twist Top is making me happy!

I started sewing the KS Twist Top today. Just about finished it actually. I printed out a couple of the reviews on Pattern Review about this pattern. I did use the clear elastic around the neckline as two other reviewers suggested. I think this was a good suggestion. I then just followed the instructions as it was an easy top to make.

The great news about this is that I have a good fitting top from Kwik Sew. I have not always had good success as I have had a hard time finding the size ranges I needed to use. I am finding that I have a decent fitting top when using small in the shoulders and neck. I then taper the small sleeve head to large underarm to accomodate the draft onto large bust area. I then use large throughout.

Today's KS top felt a little snug through the back area, and this was more of an exception that the norm. Perhaps it is the knit I am using or just the style. That is the challenge of sewing with various knits. At least it is a challenge for me. Irregard…

Plain and Simple T-!@#!!!!!@@@#

I am very disappointed with my second attempt at the Plain and Simple T by Hotpatterns. With bust adjustments and other attempts, the darn thing is just too big through the upper chest and shoulder areas.

I cutout neckband for top. Basted to top, basted side seams and tried on to determine adjustment for scoop neckband. I had wings under the arms. Shoulders look to big, etc.

I know my measurements are basically correct. I think the Glamour Girl size in this pattern line, even though for C/D busts, is drafted for a fuller sized woman overall. I am thinking Slinky Girl may be better. However, given the size I wear in RTW-14 Petite, I thought Glamour Girl would be better. NOT!!!

I thought about reviewing pattern on PatternReview, but so many people seem to be having such success with this pattern line and so many people defended the owners so strongly when they were having start up problems getting their orders out, that I think it may not be the place or time to give a negative review. But…

One too many feet!

I recently visited a nice Viking/Babylock dealer in Forrest, VA. I purchased two feet for my Designer 1. Two days later I learned that I purchased a foot I alreay have. It is the Open Toe Stippling Foot. In case you are reading this blog and have D1 and need this foot, I have one for sale. It was $19 and I am willing to sell for less than the $19. Make me an offer.

Here is a photo of the foot.

Sewing Today

I have not had much time to sew of late. I am trying to take the Nancy Z approach,10-20-30 minutes to sew. I seem to be hanging at 10 minutes, if lucky.

This morning, I rethreaded the serger, getting it set up to sew the Hot Pattern Plain & Simple T. I could not believe the problem I had in rethreading. A simple task took up most of my 15 minute allocation. Finally got it all set up and stitches were okay on sample. But had to stop to get ready for work.

This evening following exercising at CURVES and a shower, I serged the shoulders of the t. Then measured the neckline to determine the neckband length to cut for the scoop neck of the T. Got the rotary cutter and mat and cut this out. I then had to start cooking dinner.

That's my sewing for now.

I will say that I am pleasantly pleased with my inexpensive knit fabric purchased at Wally World. Has good recovery and nice weight knit. I just hope the revisions to this pattern will be good ones and that this T will be a good fit compa…

What I did thus far this weekend

I have been busy tissue fitting several patterns this weekend, making fitting adjustments and cutting out fabric. Yeah!!! I now have three patterns cut out and ready to go.

I also played around with sewing machine yesterday, late night. I am couching "fun fur" yarns onto ultra sulky solvy in an attempt to make a sewing machine knitted scarf. There are several ideas or methods from doing this in a Sulky Book that I have had for over 18 months. It was shown at our November ASG meeting. Yes wanted to play a little. After I complete a time consuming project like my LH jacket, I like to try something new and what I consider play.

I cut out two knit patterns. One is the Plain and Simple T shirt from HotPatterns. My first attempt was not satisfactory and recognized the need for several adjustments. I redrafted the pattern front piece before but was not real happy with my efforts. I then reviewed Sandra Betzina's Fast Fit for large bust and decided to try her technique which is a …

LH Tuxedo Jacket Complete

I have been under the weather for a few days so have not posted updates.

I completed the Tuxedo jacket on Monday. It turned out well. I wrote a review for Pattern Review. Click on "My Pattern Reviews" in side bar for additional detailed information.

The fabric I used made the jacket fairly stiff. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I thought it would be softer. The fabric choices listed on the pattern envelope included raw silk. My fabric is tussah silk which to my thinking falls in that category. Perhaps silk noil or silk linen or silk shantung would be softer choices.

There were a few fitting adjustments made, such as adding a smidge to bust area, and 1/2 inch to back hip area. Next time I may take up the upper back seam some. The photo, see Miscellaneous sidebar for photos of this jacket under the LH Album, makes the back look wider than it is. I think it is because the photo is such a close up.

I am happy with the jacket and I will make another jacket from the pattern.

Not sure …


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