Sewing Progression-1/16/06

Here is a picture of the KS Twist Top, completed yesterday.
I am ready to make a few more of these. I made a fitting adjustment to the pattern back. It was a little snug, so decided to do a broad back adjustment instead of redrafting the entire back. I also made note to add 1/4 inch to sides of front and back when cutting out next tops. I think that will give me a smooch more room without having to redo the pattern. I am happy with the outcome of this top.

I am progressing on the Hot Pattern Woodstock Tunic. I am having a bear of a time with the fabric. It is the faux suede, a sueded knit type. Had a hard time determining the best needle to use. Ended up using a Stretch 12. I have mixed feelings about the pattern. Perhaps it is the style. Fitting adjustments were good, perhaps took too much off shoulders. Top stitching the facings to the outside of the top was difficult. Mainly due to the fabric and keeping it flat and even. May have to redo one side. I think this will be a knock around top and not something that will get much wear. I think I may be way past the tunic stage. Will see. Here is photos of work in progress. Left photo is the trim fabric used, the right photo is the top inside out laying on cutting table. I just got through with topstiching the facing to the outside.


  1. Glad you got a good fit on the twist top. I have this in my pattern stash and bought a bunch of knits during a business trip to NYC. Can't wait to try it. As for the hotpatterns, maybe its me, but they seem to be a bit more trouble than they're worth! Nice blog, btw.

  2. Thanks Carolyn for your comments. I tend to agree with you about the Hotpatterns. Will see how this one finally ends up when I get some time to sew again.


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