Thinking about sewing

I recently looked through and read (not thoroughly) the book What Not To Wear by Trinny and Susannah. I happened to record a week's worth of Oprah and on one of those days, T&S were on her program. They showed several women made over. All looked great and some were truly WOW's. Thus I went out and checked out the book from the library before deciding to buy or not.

As a result I have decided that I need to make some fashion changes. Some of their recommendations for a full busted women appealed to me. I must add here, I never would have thought when I was in my teens and twenties/thirties that I would call myself full busted. Now that I have them, on my own, I also have the full waist and hips to go with them. Today I turn 55 so perhaps I reflecting on the then and now. But I am getting off topic on to another.

One recommendation for full busted women is wrap or surplice tops. With that in mind, yesterday I pulled out a top I made by Stretch and Sew about three years ago and wore it with black skirt, black hose, black pumps and a rather longish style black jacket from Talbots I have owned it seems forever. I was amazed at the compliments I received yesterday at work.

In the book it also talks about how to dress to make one appear taller and slimmer when one is short and no longer slim. My outfit worked according to their recommendations and I did feel like I looked thinner and taller .
Here is a photo of the pattern with the top I wore. (Middle version). It fit well, the issue is the double layer in the front, caused the hem to be rather bulky. Reading on Pattern Review tip on dealing with this, the next one I make I will modify the bottom edge to accomodate the double layer.

I have not been able to sew much since this past weekend. As I read on another blog about thinking about sewing when not, I too think about sewing a lot when I am not. Actually keeps me sane. I am now planning some more fashions to sew and perhaps because it is my birthday there may be a fabric store to visit at lunch.


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