A little sewing

I had to come home early from work today to meet the "Cable Guy". While waiting for him, I took time to sew thus continuing to complete my KS Twist Top. For a simple to make top that if you had no interuptions you could complete in 30-45 minutes of straight sewing, this is becoming a drawn out project. I serged the sleeves to the front and back pieces. At that point, the cable guy arrived and spent 45 minutes correcting the cable problem with TV.

Only sewing left is to sew side seams, serge sleeve and hem edges, topstitch and viola! new top.

My next top using the other buttermilk knit shown in previous post I am leaning toward a raglan sleeve top, possibly using black for sleeves and the body a print. If not that, then perhaps a cross over top. I have several of those patterns as shown below:



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