One too many feet!

I recently visited a nice Viking/Babylock dealer in Forrest, VA. I purchased two feet for my Designer 1. Two days later I learned that I purchased a foot I alreay have. It is the Open Toe Stippling Foot. In case you are reading this blog and have D1 and need this foot, I have one for sale. It was $19 and I am willing to sell for less than the $19. Make me an offer.

Here is a photo of the foot.


  1. I'm not so embarassed to admit now, that I too am guilty of purchasing too many feet. Having wanted a ruffler foot for so many years, I inadvertently purchased three by mistake at different times. The saddest part was I didn't realize it until just a week ago when I was looking for it to use for the first time. haha. Guess I really didn't "want" that foot as much as I thought. Thanks for the chuckle.


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