Plain and Simple T-!@#!!!!!@@@#

I am very disappointed with my second attempt at the Plain and Simple T by Hotpatterns. With bust adjustments and other attempts, the darn thing is just too big through the upper chest and shoulder areas.

I cutout neckband for top. Basted to top, basted side seams and tried on to determine adjustment for scoop neckband. I had wings under the arms. Shoulders look to big, etc.

I know my measurements are basically correct. I think the Glamour Girl size in this pattern line, even though for C/D busts, is drafted for a fuller sized woman overall. I am thinking Slinky Girl may be better. However, given the size I wear in RTW-14 Petite, I thought Glamour Girl would be better. NOT!!!

I thought about reviewing pattern on PatternReview, but so many people seem to be having such success with this pattern line and so many people defended the owners so strongly when they were having start up problems getting their orders out, that I think it may not be the place or time to give a negative review. But this is my blog, so I will express my disappointment.

I am offering the pattern for sale or even trade for same pattern in Slinky Girl. All pieces are in tack, but pattern has tracing marks.

I decided to toss and not try to salvage or hone any more fitting skills. My sewing time is short and I have other things to try. I have to admit I am now concerned about the tunic top I cut out of the Hot Pattern line. I did pattern fit this, took out some width on the shoulder and upper chest area, so hopefully it will not be a disappointment. I even cut a narrower sleeve width with this pattern. I guess I will find out this weekend.

I am going to sew up the KS Twist Top pattern next. Fabric is cut and ready to go. Hopefully it will come out okay. Could use a success at this moment. Here is the KS pattern photo.


  1. I'm not sure I wouldn't go ahead and post your review of the PS top; that's what the 'Pattern didn't work for me' rating is there for. I'm confused over the HP sizing, too, as it ALL looks like it would be way too big through the shoulders for me. I've got the Cadeau top printed out (freebie!), taped and ready to try, but haven't ordered any yet, partly because I can't decide whether to order Slinky Girl or Glamour Girl. My measurements would put me the the GG size range...barely.

    Anyway, I think as long as you do not use disparaging terms about HP, but just plainly state what your experience was, you shouldn't have problems with a negative review. If there are problems, people need to know before they fork over $$ for the patterns.


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