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I have not had time to post this week.  Last night after dinner I finally got to do some sewing on the McCall's top.  I should be able to finish this and start on the simple skirt pattern from McCall's as well.

I am still on the no pattern purchase band wagon, made it through 30 days thus far.  I have been very tempted.  I do so like some of the new Vogue patterns and a new StyleArc top pattern.  I am working also to organize my patterns.  I have all the dress patterns sorted into boxes/bins using the pattern company as the sorting process.  I had been taking photos of the patterns and cataloging them using Evernote.  Good idea, slow process for me.  There is just not enough time in the day to do all that I would like and my energy/stamina is not as it use to be.

More to follow.

This and that sewing

I had sewing plans for this weekend.  Due to illness on Friday and only partially well on Saturday I did not get all plans completed.

My snap setter from Amazon arrived as predicted on Tuesday, today I attached a Black Metal Snap to B5789 and it is now complete.  I took some shots of the snap and will post another when I wear the knit jacket.

The SnapSource snap setter is really a nice gadget to use when you want to add snaps to a project.  They have several sizes, colors and designs to choose from.  For this fabric I found the snap was a better closure piece than making a buttonhole.

I finally also completed an infinity scarf using the instructions from a Nancy Notions's booklet on making several styles of scarves.  This scarf was made using left over fabric from a McCall's top with color, fabric was from EOS.

And I completed making pattern adjustments to McCall's 7019.  I am making View B with View A's peplum which is not longer in the back as the other views.  I hav…

A day off!

Well today was a holiday and my birthday!  It has been a while since I have had my birthday as a day off.  I had lots of plans for the day, way too many for one day.  I did get pattern adjustments made to a McCall's knit top pattern. I plan to make View A but use a contrast for the back piece that comes around to the side.  I  will make a skirt from the same fabric using this McCall's pattern; not sure which skirt yet.    These were among the last few patterns I purchased at year end.

I am going to use this fabric that I just purchased from Sew Much Fabric.  I did get it washed and dried so it is ready to be cut when I can get back into the sewing room.
Back to work tomorrow!

Mentoring event and V9024

As noted in my earlier post, I had an event to go to last night.  The perfect event for me to final wear Vogue 9024.  DH gave me high compliments on the dress and said "Alma would be impressed".  Alma was my grandmother who taught me to sew and from whom I got the sewing gene.

I was/am pleased with the fit of the dress with an exception of the back.  I posted a little about this during the sewing process with this dress.  It is apparent that there is still pooling in the back and I did not insert shoulder pads as I thought about doing.    Of late I have been doing almost an inch adjustment to back length on many patterns and when you viewing the back view in the picture I should have taken another 1/2 inch with this.  I can live with it as it is now.

So without further ado::::::

The temperatures last night were in the 20's so running from car to event center was not so bad with a lined mostly wool dress.

The event was a great success with over 100 individuals in attendan…

No buttons for me and more fabrics

Butterick knit drape jacket is complete except for the button closure.  I made some test buttonholes on the fabric scraps as I had a concern about how a buttonhole would sew with this particular knit.  Not good at all from my test.  I used a washable stabilizer and still did not get good results.   My sewing machine makes good buttonholes on most fabric.

I then decided I would use my SnapSource and have in my stash several nice snaps.  Could not find my Size 24 Adapter for larger snaps and best for this garment. All my other size adapters were in the drawer, not this one.  I took everything out of several drawers thinking I had maybe placed it in a different one. Given the fact that I have not used this particular tool in several years, I really have no clue as to where it is.

I did find a lot of other "stuff" that I probably could give away to charity or possibly a giveaway here on my blog.  If anyone reading this does a lot of felting with felting machine or hand tool, le…

Same pattern plan, different fabric.

Saturday evening I spent time sewing up the black and white fabric for B5794.  Yes it did have 4 way stretch yet the drape was not good at all.  What you can not see from the photo of the fabric is that it has ridges for the black stripe and after attaching at the shoulders and basting side seams I realized that the fabric is to "stiff" to drape.

The other discovery was how big the pattern was going to be length wise as well as width through the front.  The pattern has no finished measurements printed on the pattern piece for the bust or hip. Since it is a medium (12-14)  I knew that it would fit, but the ease is a lot.  I came up with fixes for both.

Sunday sewing:  I had reduced the length by two inches before cutting out the fabric. I reduced it another two before cutting out the second fabric.  The second fabric is solid black and from my stash; an ITY knit from Fabric Mart.  Lovely feel and drape,much better for this pattern.

The front edges call for a 5/8 inch hem; I …

Saturday AM

It is freezing cold here and I did not have the motivation to put on exercise clothes and go to the Y this AM.  Instead opted to read PR reviews and some blogs; then into my sewing room.

I cut out this pattern while in the sewing room this morning.  I made pattern adjustments last weekend so it was ready to go.  I am making view D which is the gray color one in the right upper corner.

I saw this one button cardigan at Nordstroms; this is just one example of several I saw in a December catalog.  I immediately knew I had a pattern to make this.  I am using fabric from my stash

I have had this fabric forever, perhaps 6 to 7 years; purchased from  It has 4 way stretch and very light weight.  I remember when it arrived I was not thrilled with it as it was not what I thought it was going to be.  Numerous times I have thought about giving it to Goodwill and then would decide not to.  I think it will work well for this pattern and if not then I will chalk it up as my test garment …

This and that for Sunday, 1/4/15

I am ending my PTO/Holiday today; it has been fun to be off from work.  I have to admit though I am getting antsy and ready to go back.

My Vogue dress is complete and will post photos of it later but not on me at this time.

I am putting myself on a pattern diet.  I wish I could say I will only buy x for 2015.  Heck, I am just trying to make it one day at a time.  I am at least going to stay on the pattern diet for the first quarter and see how that goes.  Just reading blogs and Pattern Review has me wanting/wishing for X patterns that I don't have.  Though if I was honest with myself and dug through what I have I would probably find something similar.

I did buy a bunch of patterns at the end of December and that included StyleArc patterns on Etsy. Most of the patterns were McCall's as Club BMV sale for McCall's was right after new releases and is so hard for me to resist.

I am not putting myself on a fabric diet; I should as I have a lot and want to try to sew up what I ha…

I won a pattern!

I have been a member of Pattern Review for years.  Recently I have been reading posts there more frequently and participating in some discussions.  I receive a daily digest and enjoy reading through that early AM before getting ready for work or play.

Recently there was an article about Janet Pray, owner of Islander Sewing System.  I found it most interesting and learned more about her background.  Commenting on the blog post entered you in the opportunity to win a pattern, and I WON!!!   I recently signed up to take her class on Craftsy.

I am so happy about this pattern as it is another version of a moto-jacket.  I think I have the perfect fabric for this one.

Off to the sewing room!

Almost complete

I have been productive today with the Vogue dress, my December Garment of the Month.  I attached the lining and the sleeves.  Need to finish the sleeve seams by serging or attaching snug hug tape.  Views of the lining back and front below:

Here is views of the dress hanging.  I need to hem the dress, the lining and attach the lining at the front skirt vent.  I also need to add hook and eye at the neckline and then I am DONE!


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