Once again I find that I will have to initiate comment moderating.  With my last posting, someone left five comments in a language I do not understand nor can read.  It appeared to me to be the same comment over and over. I know that I do not know this person.

I truly appreciate your comments and do try to respond to them most of the time pretty quickly.  This requires me to take more steps; nonetheless, I am willing to do so to keep my blog somewhat protected.

I have to hem my top that I am working on and will share some photos soon. Thanks for stopping by and I will update the results of this new top shortly.


  1. What an aggravation. A few years ago I had a similar issue with comments, dozens of them. It was a hack/scam. Took me a while to block them on Wordpress. I doubt the comments were left with you as the target. Who wouldn't love you!

  2. Same thing happens to me every many offering me Viagra and cheap loans. At least WordPress filters them out and lets you remove them.

    1. This particular commenter wrote using Arabic or Hindu ???fonts so was not readable by me but wrote it 5 times. I have no idea what they were saying so. It was annoying. I have also gotten the same type you have. I normally just delete. Using moderation I can allow or not allow. It’s just a shame there are some people just want to be annoying.


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