Same pattern plan, different fabric.

Saturday evening I spent time sewing up the black and white fabric for B5794.  Yes it did have 4 way stretch yet the drape was not good at all.  What you can not see from the photo of the fabric is that it has ridges for the black stripe and after attaching at the shoulders and basting side seams I realized that the fabric is to "stiff" to drape.

The other discovery was how big the pattern was going to be length wise as well as width through the front.  The pattern has no finished measurements printed on the pattern piece for the bust or hip. Since it is a medium (12-14)  I knew that it would fit, but the ease is a lot.  I came up with fixes for both.

Sunday sewing:  I had reduced the length by two inches before cutting out the fabric. I reduced it another two before cutting out the second fabric.  The second fabric is solid black and from my stash; an ITY knit from Fabric Mart.  Lovely feel and drape,much better for this pattern.

The front edges call for a 5/8 inch hem; I sewed one inch hem along the front edges, thus reducing some of the width.

I only need to find the perfect button and make the buttonhole and I will be finished.  It really is a simple pattern.  I dislike that it did not have finished measurements printed on the front pattern piece.
Here are photos of the back and front WIP on AlmaMarie.


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