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I am thinking strongly about sewing

But I am not sewing. I have fabric swatches in my purse to get thread and zippers but yet to make it to JoAnn's to buy them. Work has consumed way more of my personal time as it has for other staff. Some staff just don't seem to have any personal life-not a good thing.

Today I found myself touching different people's clothing as I kept thinking I could make that skirt, or dress. So I did ask before touching. One skirt I looked at with great interest today was one that was black and white with a black band at the hemline!!! When inquiring where they purchased it, not in VA. She thought probably in South Carolina or Florida. Oh well.

I am reading some sewing articles so close to doing but not!

New sewing adventure

I began to make pattern adjustments for the Vogue dress. Both the pattern and the fabric have been in my stash for sometime now. The pattern is OOP on the Vogue site. I had a similar dress several years ago that I purchased during one of my business trips to Chicago. Every time I wore the dress I got a lot of compliments. Unfortunately, the dress shrunk or I got larger. I am pretty sure it was the latter reason.

The fabric was one of my first purchases from EOS. I had not heard of Linda's fabric site until I moved out of Pennsylvania, where she is located, and back to VA, approximately 4+ years ago. This was a rayon fabric that I purchased during one of her sales. It is floral print with a periwinkle blue background. I think it has appropriately aged at this time to become a new dress. This is the dress idea:


Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl This is another one of the four knits I purchased. I just saw a BWOF dress made from this knit on Pattern Review. I think it was made by Karen. I love the geometric look of this fabric.

More knit from

More knit from
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl I have an embroidery card that has similar designs and I can see making a skirt or something to go with this fabric and simulate the beads using the embroidery designs on the skirt.

Another knit from

Another knit from
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl This is a red/white/black knit from This will go well with my new black fabrics from Fabric Mart that arrived in the mystery bundle.

Knit from

Knit from
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl One of four knit fabrics I recently purchased from This is brown with white circles. I am thinking dress out of this fabric.

Jalie tops

Well I completed another Jalie top today. From start to finish sewing time, I completed this in about two hours. I made Jalie 2806. I used a knit fabric I purchased from EOS about 18 months ago. The knit was not what I thought I purchased after it arrived and I have had it just laying in the knit stash. It was a bit thinner than expected. It also wrinkles rather easily and I have not experienced that with a knit before. Not sure of the blend. So I decided to use it to make this and if things did not work out then not a real loss.

I am pleased with the fit of the pattern though I think I may take deeper seams through the waist area on the next one. I like the gathered fold over piece. I saw a similar top in Macy's several weeks ago. I plan to make another top or two using this pattern and the fold over as well as the ruchingscoopneck style.

Here are photos of me wearing it after sewing it. It has not been fully pressed.

My DH and I went shopping and dining. Here is my second Sweethear…

Sewing Ups and Downs

The Butterick dress and I are going to part ways. I basted side seams yesterday evening so I could try on for fitting adjustments. This dress is huge! This dress is better suited for someone with broad, broad shoulders.

Actually the whole dress is just way too big. I read Pattern Reviews on this dress and did not read anything about it running too large. Though two reviewers thought it was wide in the neckline. On me, it was falling off my shoulders it was so wide.

I took another 5/8 seam in the shoulders and that helped. I also deepened the darts as the back was extremely full. The front vertical darts were taken up also as the dress was too loose in the front below the drawstring. I also used 1 inch seams on the sides. All of this helped but from the side I look very pregnant. Not a look I want at all. Everything feels wrong about this dress right now.

I decided I just do not want to mess with this anymore at this time. I am putting it aside for another day. I have two ot…

Fabric Mart Fabrics

I finally was able to take photos of my new fabrics from my recent Fabric Mart purchase.
Here are the silks I purchased:
The floral green one is pretty bright and I had in mind to use it for a lining. The black and white paisley is just gorgeous and I think it will become a blouse. The black,white and touch of golden brown has a little stretch to it and when I made the purchase I was thinking lining. Now I am thinking blouse. They are so soft to the touch!
Here are the fabrics from the mystery bundle. I am truly excited about all the pieces but the black and white tweed and the black with white stripes will be great with the black and white pieces above.

The red fabric is a nice red for me, closer to red-orange than red-blue. I am not sure of the fabric type, the texture is small ridges. It has some body to it though not terribly beefy, certainly would not be clingy. That will be important for me to think about in making it into something.
Here are the other two pieces which are a taupe c…

Dress Front

Dress Front
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl Front of dress attached to shoulders.

Zipper view

Zipper view
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl Another view. I had not fully pressed or top stitiched this in this photo. It looks like an invisible zipper but it is not.


Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl Here is a photo of the centered zipper in the Butterick dress. I used Kathrine -- Fashion Incubator's tutorial and the method she describes to insert this zipper.

The UPS man cometh!

The little brown truck came yesterday with my fabrics!!!! I came home for lunch and there was the box on my front porch! I ordered three silk charmeuse (sp) fabrics from Fabric Mart. This order allowed me to take advantage of the special they were running and I got 10 yard bundle of "mystery" fabric.

Let me say that the silks are scrumptious! They truly met my expectations and more! The mystery fabric was a pleasant surprise and I am thrilled that all four pieces of fabric are in colors that I like and wear.

It was a late night at work and thus late night arriving home so have had no time to take photos of my new fabric treasure. Unfortunately I know at 7 AM that I will have another late night tonight and thus probably no photos until later.

And just to add to this fabric, I also purchased several knit fabrics from over the weekend. They had not had anything to appeal to me until recently and thought I should snatch them up before they were gone. You know-…

Butterick Dress

Yesterday afternoon I started on the Butterick dress pattern. I had gone to JoAnn's earlier to pick up a navy blue zipper. I also ended up taking advantge of the $1.99 Simplicity patterns sale. More on that later.

I sewed all the darts in the front and back. I stitched the buttonholes and added the casing for the insertion of the drawstrings. Great progress up to this point. I sewed the drawstrings and attempted to turn them using my Fasturns that I have had since living in Florida in the '90's. I could not get the fabric through, no matter which I sized tube I tried. Not only that but I bent one of the wire inserts that is used to grab the fabric and turn it. I thought I could straighten it-NOT! I ended up breaking it. The next insert I used, I pulled too hard and broke the handle off it and fabric got stuck in the tube once it decided to start coming through it. I could not pull the insert out as I had nothing to grip with. Pulling the fabric back out from the other end,…

Saturday Morning

Why I like Saturday morning--
I sleep past my usual week day wake up of 4:40 AM.I make coffee and sit down at computer to read Pattern Review digest, check out blogs, sometimes go to Stitchers Guild.Look at accumulated emails and find the Flickr photos from friends to view what they have made or have been doing in their lives.Eat a light breakfast, drink my second cup of coffee and think about sewing for the weekend.Then it is off to CURVES. That is where I am headed after posting this.I have made some fabric purchases and have a few more planned. I am waiting anxiously for the UPS guy which will now probably be Monday :-( Will share more later.

What I wore

There have been several blogs posting garments made that the sewist has worn to work or other places. So I thought I would post some recent garments I've worn to work..
The dress and coat were made using PMB3. They were inspired by a Talbot's dress and jacket. The jacket fabric was either from Vogue Fabrics or Fashion Fabric Club. The dress fabric I can't remember where I got it; but I love how the dress holds up after wearing all day. These photos were taken before leaving to go to work.
This is a Vogue pattern. The fabric came from Sawyer Brooks. It is a lovely buttery yellow background with palm trees. There are palm trees woven into the fabric as well.
This is the first Jalie 2794 top I made. I wore this today with a purchased black suit with white trim. The suit is a Kasper suit from a microfiber that does not wrinkle. This is the end of the day look.

Second Jalie top

I completed the second Jalie top-does need hemming. I am truly pleased that I now have gotten the fit perfected for me. I retraced the front pattern piece again using Y for the shoulders and upper chest, then going to AA from under the arm to the hemline. I made a forward shoulder adjustment, an upper back adjustment and completed a FBA using the method described in Sandra Betzina's Fast Fit. I am beginning to like this method more and more. I also shortened the length of the top by almost two inches. I shortened it above the hemline in order to keep the nice waist curve in the original pattern tracing. I also raised the neckline 3/4 of inch and like where this falls on me.

I again used fabric from my stash. This is a knit that I purchased two years ago during the ASG National Conference in DC. I purchased it from a vendor out of Florida Keys. It is a heavier weight slinky that has great recovery. I made a Simplicity dress from this fabric originally and had a little over a yard…

More cutting, not sewing

I have guests coming tomorrow and the weather is going to be great to go motorcycling with DH and guests. So much of the AM was spent doing some housecleaning. Then it was off to the grocery store.

Returning late afternoon, I decided to cut out one more pattern. Since I have been in the pattern fitting and cutting mode, I decided to go ahead and cut out another Jalie pattern, one of the new releases. I am using a knit I purchased probably a year ago from EOS. It was called "Why the long face?" The pattern is this one. The Butterick dress pattern is ready to sew along with Jalie 2794 knit top.

Yesterday and today vaca time

Yesterday was a shopping day for me. I traveled to Greensboro, NC to go to a fabric/sewing machine store called Sew Heavenly. It was a nice trip as I also made sideline trips to Four Seasons Mall and Friendly Avenue Shopping Center.

The trips to the mall resulted in my trying on several suits of which only one fit. Three of the four suits were of the same brand-Kasper. Kasper petite suits have always fit me well and until the past few years. I believe that they along with other brands no longer have a standard for the same size clothing. All suits were size 12 petite and all were pant suits. The one I purchased require no alterations. The other three would have required that the pants be taken up in the front which I don't do, but I have someone locally who does a great job on alterations and has done this for me before so I could have purchased them with that in mind. However the jackets on the other three were too tight. I found this annoying which always reminds that …

What I have been up to this AM

I hate to cook but love to grill! Does that make sense? I purchased a new grill this weekend, upgrading from the one I had been using. Lowe's was to deliver today between 12 and 4. So I showered early, went to Starbucks for a latte fix and returned home. I decided to cut out another Jalie 2794 pattern again using fabric in my stash. Once that was done I decided to trace another Jalie pattern, one of their new releases.

While doing that the doorbell rang and it was Lowe's about two hours early, but okay by me. So grill was unloaded from truck, set up, propane tank hooked up and ready to go. I returned to sewing room, completed the tracing of the new pattern, made my usual adjustments and now ready to cut out this pattern.

Meanwhile I had pulled some knit fabrics from stash (collection) that needed washing and preshrinking and put those on to wash. Yesterday I also pulled some other fabric from stash that I want to make up into dresses. All are fabrics that have been …

Jalie 2794-redone

Here are photos of the Jalie top. I shortened the length. I found I had not incorporated a swayback adjustment for the back pattern piece thus the resulting back fullness/wrinkles. By shortening the top, I think it is a little more wearable. It does not pull over the hips as it did as shown here. Here are two photos with the adjustments. I will wear this top. Now that I have made adjustments to pattern pieces and know what changes are necessary I am ready to cut out and sew up another one.

Sewing today-July 7

My vaca days started off well. I completed the Marcy Tilton T-Vogue 8794. It was a great sewing challenge, BUT, I am not real happy with the outcome. It has nothing to do with the pattern I really should have used a different knit.

I am not sure what would be the best pattern to use for this knit. It is a jersey knit that I purchased from Gorgeous Fabrics. This is the softest and very tactile pleasing knit I have handled. It just was not the right knit for this pattern, IMHO. It was difficult to sew without the aid of some sort of stabilizer to get a good topstitch. This is a clingy knit as well and I think one needs to be slimmer and toner than I am to wear it well.

Having said all of that, here are some photos of me wearing the top before I fully changed to go to CURVES. The back is designed to be longer than the front so that is not an alignment error!

Here is a photo of the pattern laid out on the fabric so you can get an idea of what one of the pattern pieces look like.

Each piece i…

Sew Far this weekeend

Well so far this weekend, I have made adjustments to Jalie 2794 and will post a photo later. I found that I did not do the swayback adjustment I normally do so those back wrinkles are mainly due to that. I shortened the top length as it was just too long and that eliminated the diagonal pulls somewhat. Just was not enough enough fabric to go over the back hip area. I am fluffy there.

With those changes I adjusted the pattern pieces and traced a new front piece. This time in doing the FBA, I decided to use Sandra Betzina's bust adjustment technique. Not sure if this is want what some bloggers are calling the "y" bust adjustment. But the results were better than my usualFBA that I know that I flubbed up. I have been making FBA's for a long time now using FFRP and following Debbie Cook's great tutorial. This was definitely my error.

I also started on the Marcy Tilton Vogue Pattern for three unusual t-shirts. This has been a fun but time consuming project. It is truly …
Hope everyone is having a great July 4th. A little overcast here in Virginia. Hamburgers on the grill later today. Off to do some sewing.


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