Fabric Mart Fabrics

I finally was able to take photos of my new fabrics from my recent Fabric Mart purchase.
Here are the silks I purchased:

The floral green one is pretty bright and I had in mind to use it for a lining. The black and white paisley is just gorgeous and I think it will become a blouse. The black,white and touch of golden brown has a little stretch to it and when I made the purchase I was thinking lining. Now I am thinking blouse. They are so soft to the touch!

Here are the fabrics from the mystery bundle. I am truly excited about all the pieces but the black and white tweed and the black with white stripes will be great with the black and white pieces above.

The red fabric is a nice red for me, closer to red-orange than red-blue. I am not sure of the fabric type, the texture is small ridges. It has some body to it though not terribly beefy, certainly would not be clingy. That will be important for me to think about in making it into something.

Here are the other two pieces which are a taupe colorway. Photo does not do the plaid justice.
The plaid is a wool or wool blend. The taupe solid fabric is definitely a polyester, perhaps similar to georgette. Not sure how it would hold up as a lining.
I am pleased with the mystery bundle and I like to think that they put some thought into putting together fabrics that will work with other pieces in the bundle. This was my first mystery bundle purchase. I know of others who have taken advantage of their bundles and have expressed their pleasure in the items.


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