Sewing Ups and Downs

The Butterick dress and I are going to part ways. I basted side seams yesterday evening so I could try on for fitting adjustments. This dress is huge! This dress is better suited for someone with broad, broad shoulders.

Actually the whole dress is just way too big. I read Pattern Reviews on this dress and did not read anything about it running too large. Though two reviewers thought it was wide in the neckline. On me, it was falling off my shoulders it was so wide.

I took another 5/8 seam in the shoulders and that helped. I also deepened the darts as the back was extremely full. The front vertical darts were taken up also as the dress was too loose in the front below the drawstring. I also used 1 inch seams on the sides. All of this helped but from the side I look very pregnant. Not a look I want at all. Everything feels wrong about this dress right now.

I decided I just do not want to mess with this anymore at this time. I am putting it aside for another day. I have two other dresses I want to make up next so moving on. But first I am going to make my next Jalie top. The pattern is cut out and ready to sew. I threaded my serger and got the stitches/differential feed and tensions set for sewing tomorrow.


  1. Sometimes you just have to put it away for a bit. Good luck with your Jalie top.

  2. It's interesting to hear your experience with the Butterick dress. I've made a couple of Butterick dresses that have had this issue, and it aggravated me to no end. While I generally make shoulder adjustments, because I have small shoulders, the Butterick dress patterns seem to run much larger. Wonder if this is a trend or just coincidental?

  3. I just threw a blouse into the trash because it was too wide across the square neckline. I adjusted the pattern in every part except for the neckline, who knew? But I promise I will think twice about buying another Butterick pattern. I do NOT have linebacker shoulders.


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