New sewing adventure

I began to make pattern adjustments for the Vogue dress. Both the pattern and the fabric have been in my stash for sometime now. The pattern is OOP on the Vogue site. I had a similar dress several years ago that I purchased during one of my business trips to Chicago. Every time I wore the dress I got a lot of compliments. Unfortunately, the dress shrunk or I got larger. I am pretty sure it was the latter reason.

The fabric was one of my first purchases from EOS. I had not heard of Linda's fabric site until I moved out of Pennsylvania, where she is located, and back to VA, approximately 4+ years ago. This was a rayon fabric that I purchased during one of her sales. It is floral print with a periwinkle blue background. I think it has appropriately aged at this time to become a new dress.
This is the dress idea:


  1. More of our shared good taste--I have this fabric too. It's lovely, isn't it?

  2. Linda .- tissue is very nice. Sometimes you have good tissue saved for years, I have great surprises in my closet .... every success for this project. greetings, Paco


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