Saturday Morning

Why I like Saturday morning--
  1. I sleep past my usual week day wake up of 4:40 AM.
  2. I make coffee and sit down at computer to read Pattern Review digest, check out blogs, sometimes go to Stitchers Guild.
  3. Look at accumulated emails and find the Flickr photos from friends to view what they have made or have been doing in their lives.
  4. Eat a light breakfast, drink my second cup of coffee and think about sewing for the weekend.
  5. Then it is off to CURVES. That is where I am headed after posting this.

I have made some fabric purchases and have a few more planned. I am waiting anxiously for the UPS guy which will now probably be Monday :-( Will share more later.


  1. Well, I've had my coffee, my diet muffin and commented on a blog or two and checked out Facebook. Kind of like you. Except, I was just THINKING of how I needed to get up and exercise. You got me beat!!!!!!!

  2. Sunday here and I am still in PJ's. Really should go to gym.


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