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Jalie 2794

This is my second attempt at a Jalie pattern. I am basically pleased with the outcome. I truly was making this as a test garment as I am/was uncertain what size to use with this company's patterns. My first attempt with another Jalie pattern was not positive, but I take full responsibility for the poor outcome for that one.

Reading several reviews at PR for Jalie patterns, I decided to use a size Y through the shoulder and upper chest increasing to AA for the bust, waist and hips. I was concerned about the depth of the neckline and still think I might raise this a little with the next try. I decided to do a FBA and then eliminate the resulting dart and adjust through the side seams by taking up the extra added. I reduced the front pattern from the waist down taking out the extra with the pattern, then I cut out the fabric.

I used leftover knit fabric I purchased from Gorgeous Fabrics about a year ago. I made a dress from this fabric initially. I had enough fabric left over to cut ou…

Kwik Sew 3497

As planned, I sewed two knit tops this weekend. One was Kwik Sew 3497 View C and the other was Jalie 2794.

The Kwik Sew went together quickly with only a few fitting adjustments along the way. I think they were due more to the knit fabric I used instead of the pattern fit. I plan to make another tank top or two from this pattern so we will see.

I purchased some fabric in August/September of last year from Mary Jo's in Gastonia, NC. I made this Simplicity top. The first fabric in this post is what I used to make the Simplicity top. I had about 3/4 yard left over so I decided to use that fabric to make the tank top. However, I decided I liked the other side of the fabric better so this became this tank.

Adjustments I made to the pattern were swayback, forward shoulder and I added 1/2 inch to the bust using the slash and spread method. I cut a medium through the shoulder and upper chest. I also took a 1/4 inch tuck in upper chest area for the front and did the same for the back. The add…

Merry Wheel

I first saw this Merry Wheel on Cidell's blog Miss Celie Pants. We exchanged an email about it and I saw the "pink one" that someone else had. I have had a search for this on eBay ever since. I recently got a response that a seller had one to sell. I immediately jumped on it. I was bidding against one other buyer and I won!!!!

Now there are two more of these spool holders on eBay. Go figure!
I was concerned about getting this as I noted in a previous post. But the item came on Saturday and I won the bid on Wednesday. So quick delivery!

Back from DC and no fabric purchases

My business trip to DC was a good one and I accomplished the business tasks that I needed to. I spent time meeting with House Reps staff and actually got to meet with Rep. Goodlatte with a staff member. Truly was a nice experience. I met with both Senators' staff. I walked and walked and walked some more. I wore business yet comfortable shoes. Unfortunately I suffered from shin splints that evening and all day Thursday and today. Gosh, that is painful and I know of no real remedy for this.

I looked up G Street in Centerville and was hoping to schedule a side trip to that location. But I was all work and no play most of my time there. I stayed at the Willard Hotel, very historical place. I also saw a motorcade with I am assuming the President or Vice President traveling to the White House. If not one of them, it was very top security travel for someone. You certainly don't see that here in Roanoke. The hotel had lots of Secret Service folks in it all Tuesday eveni…


I leave for DC this AM. I spent most of Monday evening packing and then putting the rest together this morning. I always pack sewing magazines and fiction books to take to help me get to sleep or when I get some down time. I can do this when I am driving not flying. I have not flown in over a year or two. I truly hate it these days. I was never a good flyer in the first place; now I am clueless as to what one can and cannot carry on a plane. My last few times I did fly, I was pulled to have my luggage opened and items viewed. It is simply a hassle, yet I am one to admit I want to feel secure when flying.

So since I will not be able to go into my sewing room, fondle fabric, pick up a pattern or do any of the things one normally does when going into their sewing sanctum; I will have sewing mags with me. I will access the Internet and such in between meetings on the hill and training sessions. I always want to feel like I am at home though away.

I am hoping to squeeze a side trip…

Sewing journey for today

I still need to hem my dress. Just wasn't in the mood to complete that task.

I wanted to get a start on making some knit tops. I pin fitted three knit tops yesterday evening and finished today. They are all three patterns I have not made before. The Marcy Tilton Vogue top were adjusted for shoulder width and making a little more petite able in the upper chest area. The pattern pieces are very unusual shape and required single fabric layout for cutting. I used a coral jersey purchased earlier this year from Gorgeous Fabrics.

I then cut out the Jalie 2794 pattern and decided to make a FBA. I have only sewn on Jalie pattern and was not real happy for the outcome. I really am not sure if they run small or large or close to size. I used a size Y through the neckline and shoulder area, enlarging to AA for the bust/waist/hip areas. I decided to use a knit remnant, again fabric I purchased last year from Gorgeous Fabrics. I made a dress for this knit previously and had enough left over to c…

I want this vintage pattern

I have fallen in love with a Simplicity vintage pattern #2959; click the blog title for a link to the dresses that are posted on Sewing in the City's blog site. She has made this dress several times. I have been searching and searching for this pattern. I still continue my search. I truly like the dresses she has made from this pattern.

If you are reading this and you come across this vintage pattern please drop a comment here or check my blog profile for email.

Ready to cut!

I still need to hem the dress! Meanwhile I pulled out some knit fabrics that I have been wanting to make up into tops and/or dresses. I also decided on the patterns I am going to use.

Jalie 2806

Jalie 2794

Vogue 8497

Fabrics are some that have been in collection for awhile and some are fairly new purchases-new in that they were purchased in 2008.

I also want to make some blouses. I have some nice patterns that I pulled out and I want to use up some of the fabric in my collection.

Having said that, I did buy some fabric from Fashionista Fabrics. It is a lovely pale yellow background with lilac flowers. I have eyed this fabric for sometime now and decided it was time to buy.

Recent purchases

I found a new shop recently, or at least new to me. It is in Wytheville, VA and they mainly sell batiks-rayon, cotton, corduroy as well as silk. They are also a Pfaff dealer. They are housed in an older home that has two floors of fabrics and classrooms. They are called Sew What Fabrics and Batiks.

I have this off and on like of rayon batiks. Not so crazy over the cotton ones simply because I see them more quilts or purses. Since I sew mostly garments, the rayons appeal to me. Having said that, I fell in love with some of the rayons I saw while there. Partly the appeal may have been they were on sale as well.

I have a vision of a blouse-camp shirt or similar style with contrasting collar or sleeve or an added sleeve band. Here are some photos of my newly acquired fabric:

purchasedt with rose &butterfly

purchasedt with rose &butterfly
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl I haven't embroidered much in a long time. I embroidered a few Christmas items and nothing since. I purchased this T at WalMart with the intent of embroiderying something on it.

I took a rosebud and added a butterfly combining the design with my 4D Embroidery software. I then embroidered two small rosebuds that are designs included on my machine.

I enjoyed doing this. Needed a break from sewing my dress when I did this. Now the dress is complete. I want to add one more embroidered rose perhaps at the bottom area of this T.

My next sewing project is to sew up some knit tops and a few blouses.

V8319 lapped zipper

V8319 lapped zipper
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl
I used a lapped zipper method for the back zipper. I really like how it turned out.

V8319 wth Simplicity jacket

V8319 wth Simplicity jacket
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl Here is a shot of the dress with the jacket. The colors in this photo are off. The dress is more of a seafoam green, this is looking more teal.

V8319 Dress Finally Complete

Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl I am so happy to report that this dress is finally complete except for the hem. This has truly been a sewing excursion with this pattern. The dress is a good fit and need to get it pressed after hemmed so I can wear it soon.

From the Chocolate Oracle

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Trials and Tribulations-Conclusion

Stopping to work on the project and take a shower, helped to clear my mind. Giving some thought to what could be wrong; I decided I must have cut the front piece using the wrong center fold line. This pattern has several optional center front fold lines. Not seen this before on other patterns. If this was the case I did not have enough lining fabric to cut out another front piece. My thoughts continued along the lines, of how can I save this?
My idea was to measure how much I was off in matching from shoulder seam to center front to other shoulder seam. Once this was determined I decided I would cut the front lining piece on the center front and insert a piece of fabric that would expand the width so seam lines at neckline would match up. I did not act on this on Sunday afternoon as I actually fell sick later from either a stomach virus or food poisoning.
The next morning, feeling somewhat better, I proceeded slowly to get dress. In this process, I decided to baste the back and…

Sewing Trials and Tribulations-Part 1

I began working on the Vogue dress two weekends ago. This recent past weekend, I spent over 5 hours on this dress. For a pattern that I made before, I have had a hard time with this one. My difficulty with it is that I have made more sewing mistakes than I probably should admit here. But since this is a sewing diary, I thought I would write about my trials and tribulations with what should be an easy dress to make.

Marking the darts on the dress fabric the previous weekend proved to be a difficult task due to the weight and slippery fabric. I did accomplish it but was time consuming. The lining fabric was easier to do. Since the dress has a lining, I feel like I am making two dresses. As I sewed the darts in the dress unit I did so with the lining unit.

The dress has front and back small yoke pieces; you cut four fronts and four backs using them for the dress and lining. These yoke pieces were the biggest issue for me with this dress. I also did not make notes on how these pieces fit fr…

Coat Fabric Arrived

I am participating in the GCSA-Great Coat Sew Along. I purchased my coat fabric as I only had plaid coat fabric in my stash and just did not want to tackle matching plaids, etc. for this sew along. My fabric arrived last Thursday and it is gorgeous! But then it should be as I purchased it from Gorgeous Fabrics. It is a royal blue flannel coating and the royal blue was what I had in mind when ordering. As you know sometimes the monitor colors and the real color can be off some or a lot.
We have had a heat wave in our area with temps as high 100 degrees. When I took my coat fabric out of the box, I kept thinking this is like a wool blanket. Not a bad thing when it is cold outside.

Sewing going here-NOT!

Work is once again consuming my time. Today I travel to Richmond with my boss and another co-worker. Meetings begin at 5 PM with a "working dinner buffet". Feels like indigestion to me!
We plan to shut down for the evening around 9:00 PM after having worked at least four hours prior to driving to Richmond. Last night and this AM has been devoted to packing.

I will return home tomorrow evening so will hopefully get some sewing time in to complete the dress I started. I have numerous thoughts on what to sew up next. Trying to find that balance between work, family and sewing.


PMB Feedback

Thanks to Dana, Towanda and Els for their comments regarding the pattern draft. Towanda, I will send my measurements to Karen at Wild Ginger. I think that the dart uptake and side arm point are options I should try. I read more in the User's Guide. The bra cup size I think is also affecting the draft as I read the guide.


I made progress now that I decided on the dress to make. I made Vogue 8319 previously. Now that I have the fit issues taken care of this should go together fairly quickly. The fabric I am using for this dress is a little softer and less body than the fabric I used for the previous version.

The lining I am using is not quite the same color as the dress, more blue than green. It does go well with the jacket. I think it will work out okay. This is one of three lining fabrics I purchased from Trendy Fabrics several months ago. Their price was fantastic and the lining is a good quality.

I had some issues marking the dart lines on the front and back piece. The dart shape is unusual and the fabric kept moving on me. I took my time and got them marked on the fabric as well as the lining fabric.

I decided to serge finish the edges of the dress and lining fabric as both tend to ravel very easily.
Darts are sewn in the front dress fabric and lining. If I had not spent so much time on the PMB …


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