Back from DC and no fabric purchases

My business trip to DC was a good one and I accomplished the business tasks that I needed to. I spent time meeting with House Reps staff and actually got to meet with Rep. Goodlatte with a staff member. Truly was a nice experience. I met with both Senators' staff. I walked and walked and walked some more. I wore business yet comfortable shoes. Unfortunately I suffered from shin splints that evening and all day Thursday and today. Gosh, that is painful and I know of no real remedy for this.

I looked up G Street in Centerville and was hoping to schedule a side trip to that location. But I was all work and no play most of my time there. I stayed at the Willard Hotel, very historical place. I also saw a motorcade with I am assuming the President or Vice President traveling to the White House. If not one of them, it was very top security travel for someone. You certainly don't see that here in Roanoke. The hotel had lots of Secret Service folks in it all Tuesday evening and part of Wednesday AM. There were protesters outside the hotel Tuesday evening with a camera crew taping the protest. The Capitol Police brought in K-9's and had them running throughout parts of the hotel lobby and banquet rooms. I was told at my 7:00 AM breakfast meeting that the President of Iraq was in the hotel. Someone of some high caliber was definitely there. I found it all rather intriguing. I love to sit in hotel lobbies and watch people. I have to admit this was the most interesting lobby watching I have done.

I did win an auction on eBay while away and will share my new treasure with you when it arrives. I am a tad concerned as I have not heard from the seller since I sent my payment!!!!
I have not had a bad experience with eBay before so hope that this is not going to be the one to break my good fortune.

I hope to get some sewing in this weekend. I have several knit tops ready to sew. I also have been thinking about the Great Coat Sew Along and unfortunately I have not done anything about it except buy the pattern, fabric and sampler items. I also have some more summer sewing I want to do and as usual have limited time right now. However, I do have some vaca days coming up and since I am not really going anywhere but need to use the time or loose it, I plan to put in some sewing time as well do some spring cleaning or I suppose I should call it summer cleaning.


  1. Hi Linda,
    Sorry to hear you suffered shin splints...I am an registered nurse and have quite alot of experience treating shin splints as I spent many years working at a bootcamp and we also deal with it alot here at Guide Dogs for the Blind. Ice to the affected area is beneficial to reduce the swelling; NSAIDs like ibuprofen can reduce inflammation and discomfort. Also as prevention for next time you can do some stretches and exercises to strengthen that area, i.e. point your toe downward and then flex it back up as far as you can; trace the alphabet in the air with your toe; ankle circles. Shin splints to the extreme can turn into stress fractures. Hope this helps...Mary

  2. I've had 2 or 3 Ebay sellers stiff me for merchandise. Since then, my hard and fast rule is that I do not buy from anyone with a rating of less than 99.

    Sounds like a fascinating weekend! Wish there were pictures!

  3. Sounds like a very exciting and productive visit to DC. Hope to see your progress on the knit tops soon.


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