Coat Fabric Arrived

I am participating in the GCSA-Great Coat Sew Along. I purchased my coat fabric as I only had plaid coat fabric in my stash and just did not want to tackle matching plaids, etc. for this sew along. My fabric arrived last Thursday and it is gorgeous! But then it should be as I purchased it from Gorgeous Fabrics. It is a royal blue flannel coating and the royal blue was what I had in mind when ordering. As you know sometimes the monitor colors and the real color can be off some or a lot.

We have had a heat wave in our area with temps as high 100 degrees. When I took my coat fabric out of the box, I kept thinking this is like a wool blanket. Not a bad thing when it is cold outside.


  1. Your fabric sounds lovely. Ann certainly has made a few sales with this coat sew along! Looking forward to seeing yours made up.

  2. Ugh this weather, it's impossible. Imagine how it is down here in Texas, I want winter back !!!

    The fabric sounds really cute, I look forward to seeing your creation :)


  3. Yeah, it's hot here in the NYC area too. Have you cut your coat muslin yet? I haven't but hopefully will by the end of this weekend.


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