purchasedt with rose &butterfly

I haven't embroidered much in a long time. I embroidered a few Christmas items and nothing since. I purchased this T at WalMart with the intent of embroiderying something on it.

I took a rosebud and added a butterfly combining the design with my 4D Embroidery software. I then embroidered two small rosebuds that are designs included on my machine.

I enjoyed doing this. Needed a break from sewing my dress when I did this. Now the dress is complete. I want to add one more embroidered rose perhaps at the bottom area of this T.

My next sewing project is to sew up some knit tops and a few blouses.


  1. Very pretty! It's amazing what a little embroidery can do to spice up a plain T. Mary

  2. Cute. I like it the personal touch. You just up the price of that T-shirt by $10.00. Cute.

  3. I love your embroidery. Very nice combo of designs.


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