I made progress now that I decided on the dress to make. I made Vogue 8319 previously. Now that I have the fit issues taken care of this should go together fairly quickly. The fabric I am using for this dress is a little softer and less body than the fabric I used for the previous version.

The lining I am using is not quite the same color as the dress, more blue than green. It does go well with the jacket. I think it will work out okay. This is one of three lining fabrics I purchased from Trendy Fabrics several months ago. Their price was fantastic and the lining is a good quality.

I had some issues marking the dart lines on the front and back piece. The dart shape is unusual and the fabric kept moving on me. I took my time and got them marked on the fabric as well as the lining fabric.

I decided to serge finish the edges of the dress and lining fabric as both tend to ravel very easily.
Darts are sewn in the front dress fabric and lining. If I had not spent so much time on the PMB dress draft, this could be finished. Other house chores needed my attention so stopped sewing for the moment.


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