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New Patterns

I recently purchased some new patterns.
I read some good reviews at Pattern Review about the Jalie top and the Vogue skirt. I saw the jacket pattern in a Nancy's Notions Catalog and I have some great Berber fabric that I want to use to make this. I ordered two patterns from McCall's after receiving a notice about their $4.99 sale. I purchased two jacket patterns. While at JoAnn's this weekend Simplicity were on sale for $1.99 so of course I picked up a few more. I will post photos later.

Next up-Vogue 7975

I have the fabric laid out and ready to cut for my Channel jacket. I just saw Erica B's completed jacket and review at PR. She did an excellent job. Seeing hers is making me rethink whether I want to do a short version or the long version. I have made several shorter jackets of late so perhaps time to tackle something different.

Have you missed me?

I was amazed to see that my last post was Thanksgiving morning. My holiday weekend was very busy with family and personal things. Thanksgiving I cooked almost all day with a few breaks in between which lent itself to minimal sewing. Friday, DH and I traveled to Durham, NC to see my father who lives in an assisted living facility. We took him out for a hamburger and fries which he does not get often. He suffers from Alzheimer's but is doing fairly well but I can tell that his memory is failing more.

In VA as well as in some other states, our vehicles require an annual inspection. Traveling back from NC, we kept hearing one of those irritating noises that sometimes I turn the music up on so not to hear. I know that is not the way to take care of a vehicle issue. It was one of my tires that really needed to be replaced. So Saturday AM I spent 3 hours dealing with getting and installing new tires (all 4) and having the car inspected which required new front brake pads.

So no…

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

I just went back and looked at what I posted a year ago.

It still holds true today! I am thankful for having a great DH, great friends and family. I am thankful to all of you who read my blog and share helpful information with me, give me praise and encouragement as well as constructive criticism. I am truly grateful to have so many sewing friends from all over the world.

I hope all of you enjoy your day to day with family and friends. I may even find a few moments between cooking and eating to sew just a little.

I've got buttons!

I am so happy

I found more buttons. I went to JoAnn's near my office which is the other side of town if you lived here in Roanoke. I went straight to the buttons section and found more of the same buttons. I have to tell you that these buttons were off from my original ones; but they were not the red color of the other buttons that did not match the first two I that I had sewn onto the jacket previously. So I found two cards of the same color and yes that they matched up well with my fabric swatch so did a little happy dance and then bought them.

I sewed them onto the jacket last night. Here are two photos of the completed jacket. Forgive my goofy expression and the washed out look but Monday was another difficult day at the office.

Moving on

I use to be one of these sewist that I could not start another project unless I had completed the one I was working on. I finally got myself past this point when I began doing some wearable art clothing in the 90's and some ladies commissioned me to make jackets for them. I found then I had to be able to do some multi-tasking.

I still sometimes revert back to this way of operating in my sewing room. With the button fiasco, I immediately said to myself, move onto the skirt. I also have some embroidering and sewing I want to do for Christmas gifts and the like.

I sewed the darts in the skirt and will continue with completing this so I can have a new jacket and skirt to wear soon. Skirts are usually easy projects and hopefully no surprises with this one.

AHHH! Da*)&*!!!!!!!!

Remember this post. You know I was soooo excited to find the right buttons, particularly since my local sources now are JoAnn's and Walmart. I completed the buttonholes yesterday, I finished hemming every thing this AM so the last hand sewing to do was the buttons.

The buttons come two to a card. I sewed on the first two, reached for the second pack, and pulled one button off. I then picked up needle and thread, put the first stitch in and then turned button over to pass the needle and thread through the shank. At this point I think, wow the underside of this button is really red, not like the other two. I turned it over and yes that button is simply a pretty red button but does not match the other two at all. I look at the other button left on the card and yes that is a pretty red button but does not match the first two.

I look at the card and it has the same batch number or button number as the first two. Everything is exactly alike on each button card. The buttons are not…

Starting on skirt

Wow, the hem in this jacket and the sleeve hems are time consuming. Unfortunately the fabric I am using does not take a blind hem well using my sewing machine. Oh, to have a blind hemmer! Oh to have the space to put one.
My Designer SE has a great blind hem stitch and blind hem foot. But on some fabrics this hem does not turn out well. There just is too much thread on top or right side of the fabric. When I hem by hand, you can hardly see any thread on top, thus a blind hem.
I also have some arthritis in my hands so when I hem things by hand, my left hand usually starts to ache and I need to take periodic breaks.
The jacket now has buttonholes, bodice hemmed and one sleeve hemmed. I will finish the other sleeve hem later this evening. Then I only have to cut out the buttonholes and sew on the buttons. Since these are shank buttons, more hand sewing.

Taking a break from the hand stitching, I serged the seam allowances for the front and back pieces of the skirt. I also pinned in the darts. …

Diva Cordmaker

I meant to post about a notion I bought a couple of months ago. I have made a few trims using yarns and ribbons. Many of you knit in addition to sewing. I have never ever been successful at knitting and decided I really don't want to knit. I do love what many of you who knit make. But I am hopeless.

For me this is my knitting. I do use lots of yarns, acquired them for felting as well. Here is a photo of the Diva Cordmaker. I purchased mine locally but learned about it at They sell them at that site along with yarns and such to make trim. They have a tutorial on their site as well.

The trim in the photo is one of several trims I have made. This one I am playing around with to make trim for my Chanel jacket.

More fabric

A Julie at PR was selling some fabric through their classified ads. Of course, I always take a look at fabrics when they are up for sale there. I liked the colors-she described it as black/autumn. Since I am mostly a spring and can wear warm shades well, I offered to buy the fabric. It arrived late last week and I finally got around to taking some photos of it. I really like the fabric and warm threads of greens, yellows and oranges running through it.

Below are shots of the right and wrong side:

This is the wrong side

This is the right side

Buttons found

I am so happy that I found the perfect buttons for my jacket. I did hem the jacket bodice last night but still need to hem the sleeves. I wanted to show you the buttons, I pinned them on to get a feel for what they will look like.
I was lucky that I was able to purchase two cards of these buttons, the last two on the button rack. They come two to a card and of course I need three!


Can't seem to get myself into the sewing room to sew.

I did take time to find some buttons on Monday for the jacket. Not many choices or places to look for them locally. I did not have 45 minutes to travel to Floyd and another 45 to get back. Lunch time is just not that long.

I also purchased an invisible zipper for my skirt as I did not have any shades of red zippers in stash. Briefly glanced at some fabric as I strolled through JoAnn's but nothing screamed at me to buy it or even look closer. I miss Hancock's fabrics, they just always had a better selection.

Online buying is fun and fabric usually turns out like you expected; sometimes better. But the ability to walk through a fabric store, truly sense the fabric-touch and smell- is so devine.

Sunday sewing-11/11/07

I had pleasant morning to sew yesterday. I could have completed the jacket if I had a maid and a cook!

The jacket has gone together rather easily. The fabric is fairly easy to sew. Since the jacket does not have a lining and I did not want to make one, this has been a pretty quick project. I only have to finish the hems for jacket and sleeves, make the buttonholes and sew on the buttons.

This is the jacket on Alma Marie. Here is a close up shot of the neckline. Pattern calls for the darts to be stitched and exposed on the outside. I did not want to do this with this fabric. I just did not think that the darts in the microfiber fabric would lie as well as a natural fabric, like wool. Next time, and I think there will be, I will sew them on the outside.

The skirt is ready to sew now. I just need to find a rose-red zipper that is close enough to match. I thought I had one in my zipper stash, but not.

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Some sewing

I did get some sewing completed on the Simplicity jacket pattern this AM. The darts in the upper front of the jacket were sewn as well as sewing the front and back pieces together. The upper seams of the front and back sleeves have been sewn. I am happy that I completed this before we went to Danville to see family and attend my DH's niece 3 yr. birthday party. We took his mother shopping for some new shoes and I got a cute Christmas themed sweater vest.

Returning home, we stopped for a bite to eat. I have just slumped out in front of the TV for a couple of hours watching some taped shows and then decided to catch up on some emails and post a brief comment on sewing.

Tomorrow I should finish the jacket. I then plan to do some machine embroidery for some Christmas projects and while that is going on I want to cut out the Vogue 7975 pattern.

Small moments of time

I have the serger set up to go. Threaded the machine last night, set the stitches to trim and finish the fabric edges of the red-rose fabric just so. I am now ready to set up sewing machine and start on the project.

I took a photo of the fabric I am going to use for the Chanel jacket. I am not sure if I acquired this from Vogue Fabrics or Fabric Mart. I purchased the fabric about two years ago. I also purchased another black and white fabric about the same time. I made a LoesHinses jacket from that one soon after I purchased it. Obviously this one needed to age more. I am working on what will be the trim. More on this later.

Sewing Projects

As I noted in my post yesterday, I am starting work on Simplicity 3631.
I cut out the pattern today for the jacket and the skirt. I thought I would start sewing on it today. But I changed my plan.

I decided that I wanted to go ahead and pin fit the Vogue 7975 pattern as I want to make a Chanel style jacket. It seems several of us have posted about this pattern and the desire to make a Chanel jacket. I pin fitted the jacket pattern and made the usual adjustments-forward shoulder (FSA), swayback, and full bust adjustment (FBA). As usual I used the petite adjustment for the sleeve length. So now this jacket is ready for me to cut out.

Here is a look at the Simplicity jacket and the fabric I will be using. It is a rose red color, Pantone 18-1633.

The Vogue jacket is going to be made from another stash fabric, a black and white boucle. This fabric was acquired from either Fabric Mart or Vogue Fabrics. Unfortunately I have not taken a photo of this one either. I will post later.

Tomorrow I hope …

Next up-Simplicity 3631

After posting about new fabrics a few days ago, I have decided to use fabric from my stash! This is a microfiber that I purchased when I lived in Lakeland, FL; that was 6 1/2 years ago. I believe it has aged well enough now.

I will post a photo soon. I realized that many of my stash fabrics have not been photographed and catalogued in my Stitch and Stash program. I have many of them recorded, but I stopped updating at one point and this was probably in one of the fabric bins where I stopped.
I think I am being influenced to use this fabric because the pattern does not call for a lining and this fabric wears nicely and has some what satiny feel on the wrong side. Thus I think I can skip making a lining for this pattern. Also the photo shot on the cover of Sew Stylish magazine where this pattern was depicted in its many variations had a similar red jacket on the front. My fabric is a blended red color. I need to pull out the Pantone cards and assign it a number for other Pantone users.

I …


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