Have you missed me?

I was amazed to see that my last post was Thanksgiving morning. My holiday weekend was very busy with family and personal things. Thanksgiving I cooked almost all day with a few breaks in between which lent itself to minimal sewing. Friday, DH and I traveled to Durham, NC to see my father who lives in an assisted living facility. We took him out for a hamburger and fries which he does not get often. He suffers from Alzheimer's but is doing fairly well but I can tell that his memory is failing more.

In VA as well as in some other states, our vehicles require an annual inspection. Traveling back from NC, we kept hearing one of those irritating noises that sometimes I turn the music up on so not to hear. I know that is not the way to take care of a vehicle issue. It was one of my tires that really needed to be replaced. So Saturday AM I spent 3 hours dealing with getting and installing new tires (all 4) and having the car inspected which required new front brake pads.

So now the car is good for another four years; that is how long I have owned the car. I don't use it much except on weekends as I have a company car I use during the week.

Saturday afternoon I did spend time sewing and completed the skirt to go with my jacket. It is complete except for the hem which I will finish tonight.



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